Week 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50 in pictures and words

So I’ve let myself down with this blogging malarky. I’ve let life get on top of me and neglected a pastime that I used to love. The thing with this ‘The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected’ thing that I challenged myself to do at the beginning of 2013, is that it requires energy and discipline and the past 10 weeks of life have required so much energy and discipline to keep going that I simply had none left to pour into the Beginning of Things. And for that my faithful followers and friends I am sorry.

So here’s a recap for you. In pictures and words.

Beginning with the words, these past two months have been filled with change. My contract at my old job finished so sadly it was time to move on. So on the 8th November I left, with a bag full of presents and a brilliant send off, only to re-enter the abyss of unemployment. Little did I know I’d get a phonecall from Waterstones literally the next day offering me an interview for a Seasonal Bookseller role (that’s Christmas temp to me and you). So in I went on sunday for an interview after which I was offered one of the jobs there and then, starting on the wednesday. Talk about quick.

And so since then I’ve pretty much lived at Waterstones Piccadilly. I found it hard work at first, with demanding hours (starting at 7am some days, and finishing at 11pm on others. Zzzzzzzzzz!) but soon enough I got into the swing of things, surrounded by great, kind and interesting people. I’ve made friends there and a name for myself and I’m working in the Children’s department, which despire the screaming children, is an absolute joy. I love being asked to recommend books and more importantly I love it when the customers listen to me and buy every book I suggest. Kerching! If only we worked on commission!

There are also a lot of cute guys there, which is a refreshing change from a female dominated office.

My desire to get back on the publishing ladder has also recently been realised. As in yesterday. When after three interviews I was offered the job as Childrens Marketing and Publicity assistant at HarperCollins. Words cannot describe my joy and happiness. As of January I’ll have a new, better job, in three areas I’m hugely passionate about, and a few months of bookselling under my belt.

I’m happier now. Happier than I have been in a while, to say the least life has been challenging and stressful this year, but despite being sick in the early hours of friday and having what feels like the flu, I do feel stronger. And ready to blog like never before. So watch out for my 12 days of Christmas series, starting tomorrow. Let’s hope the discipline kicks in.

Thanks for sticking with me. And happy Christmas one and all!



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