Blogmas Day 22 (aka Day 25): Happy Christmas from London!

I’m not really sure what’s happened to my counting skills but I must have missed a day or two somewhere because I’m not yet at Blogmas Day 25 and I should be because if anyone is reading this, then, well today is Christmas day!

So Merry Christmas one and all! I hope you all have the most wonderful, relaxing, fun and family filled day and may you know that Jesus is the reason for this season too.

As I write this, it’s Christmas eve. And I think I actually prefer this day to the 25th because of all the excitement and expectation that hangs in the air. Today my family and extended family too are going out on a scavenger hunt and a hot chocolate and tonight will involve Dominoes pizza and cheesecake and games and an alcoholic beverage or too. It’s going to be great.

But last night, Christmas Eve Eve, was pretty great too.

It started off with homemade eggs royale and a bottle of bucks fizz and some pigs in blankets and lounging around in PJ’s watching Christmassy things on TV. And then we got on a train to London in the late afternoon, just as the sun was setting. The darkness was the perfect back drop for the many, beautiful Christmas lights and we mooched around taking all their sparkle in.

The display in Covent Garden this year was amazing, I was a big fan of the illuminated mistletoe, giant baubles and the disco balls sparkle that glittered around the place.




With the lights still shinning in our retinas, we headed to one of our favourite restaurants Big Easy, where they serve all things Bar.B.Q and Lobster. And boy, do I love lobster.


Another thing I really love about Big Easy, is that the Lobster meals all come with salad, fries and an alcohol beverage, all included in the £20 price tag. I think that’s quite a bargain, especially when the food is this good.



There was a delay on their whole lobster delivery, so on this occasion I opted (I do realise how much I apparently love and over use this word, whoops!) for the Lobster roll. And it did not disappoint, it was full of loads of chunky lobster meat and it was right up my street. And it came with prosecco, what more could I want.

Oli went for a Bar.B.Q meat platter thing which he devoured and enjoyed very much. The food and atmosphere at Big Easy really is top notch.

Suitably full we practically rolled out of the restaurant and it was time for me to reveal to Oli part of his Christmas present. We were going to see Jersey Boys and my parents were coming to join us. A family Christmas theatre outing.

Oli was super excited and I felt very pleased with myself that I’d managed to keep this whole treat a secret for almost a month.

With time to spare before the show, we grabbed a coffee and waited for my parents, sheltering a little from the rain that had started to fall. Thank goodness we weren’t going ice skating or we would have got pretty damp.


The show was amazing, even better than I remembered it when I first saw it seven years ago. The music is phenomenal and makes your chair shake when it kicks off, even when you’re at the very back of the theatre. It was so hard for us not to sing along, I had to settle for miming and doing actions instead. If you haven’t see it, then go quickly before they show it for the last time in the West End at the end of March.

My parents had driven up to London and so we all bundled into the car and drove home after the show – so much more preferable than the train. But before that, we walked to the carpark via some more Christmas lights. They are so pretty and twinkley this year.




And then we ended up back at Covent Garden, before we reached our carpark in Drury Lane, and there was one section of the mistletoe lights cascading from the air and the giant Christmas tree was standing in the background and I just couldn’t resist getting a cute little picture of me and Oliver under it. Thanks to my Dad and his camera skills!

It was such a special, relaxing and fun night and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. And now, I need to get up and have breakfast and spend this special time of year with the people I love most.

Merry Christmas, let’s make it a good one!


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