Blogmas Day 21: Christmas Reads

One day I’d love to own and run a book shop. It would be called Pages and would also sell excellent coffee and big slabs of homemade cake. It would have comfy, buttery, deep-seated leather armchairs and wooden floors and the best events, workshops and literature based discussions.

And at Christmas, I would have a Festive Reads section, laid out on a table for people to grab themselves a Christmassy read to suit their reading tastes just perfectly. Because sometimes watching a Christmas film, drinking a Christmas coffee and wearing a Christmas jumper just doesn’t cut it. You need a Christmas story to peruse and immerse yourself in.

At least, I do anyway.


So this year, I raided my own bookshelf and the library’s too. And there were slim pickings at the library let me tell you; there was no certainly no Christmas collection, easy and accessible for me to look through. A pretty big shortcoming.

Let’s start with my very own festive books…


I bought Let It Snow, when I worked at Waterstones, as a little Christmas present to myself. It’s a book full of festive fun and romance and although it’s super predictable, it’s an enjoyable read from three different authors, that will undoubtedly leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The sort of book that you can demolish in one sitting, whilst sucking candy canes and sipping eggnog. (Although, I’ve never had eggnog, so don’t quote me on this accompaniment).


I absolutely loved My True Love Gave To Me; not only is the front cover beautiful but so are some of the stories inside. The book contains twelve winter stories each with a romantic angle, each of them very different and easy to read. Normally I’m a whole-novel-kind-of-gal, rather than a dipping-in-and-out-of-short-stories-kind-of-gal. But I loved meeting different characters and settings and themes, I couldn’t recommend this more. It’s the kind of book you need to read when sitting by a warm, open fire whilst drinking a hot chocolate with plenty of whipped cream and those mini marshmallows.


Christmas at Cold Comfort Farm was given to me as a stocking filler from Father Christmas aka my parents. I received it a few years ago and I still haven’t found time to read it, so this year is as good a time as any. I love the cover, it looks so cute and wintery.

And now for my library haul. A word of advice though, if you want some Christmassy reads, good ones, then I’d head to the library a little bit earlier on in December than I did because there wasn’t a whole heap of Christmas related books left. And the ones that myself and the librarian found, weren’t necessarily books that I would normally pick. But it’s Christmas and I wanted something vaguely appropriate to read whilst my Christmas dinner is digesting so I took out all the books I could find.

So here goes…





From romance to family drama and a certain kind of englishness, I’m hoping that I’m going to enjoy at least one of these borrowed Christmas reads. I’ll keep you posted.

And in the meantime, if you have a favourite festive book that you love, then please let me know! At least then I can get next years list ready, nice and early.

Happy Christmas reading people!

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