2013 Review: Some call it coincidence, I call it God

I’d forgotten that it snows in winter on WordPress. As I log on this evening, on New Years Eve Eve, it’s these cascading freckles of snow that remind me of the crazy year that is nearly done in its falling. 2013. What a year. A wonderful, turbulent year. Are the years really any different? Don’t […]

2012: The joy of last Christmas

I never got round to posting this last year for some bizarre reason. So here’s a blast from a Christmas past! This Christmas felt different. Yes, it crept up on me this year and with a hint of maturity in the air. I was excited, of course, but what I really wanted to find under […]

Week 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49 and 50 in pictures and words

So I’ve let myself down with this blogging malarky. I’ve let life get on top of me and neglected a pastime that I used to love. The thing with this ‘The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected’ thing that I challenged myself to do at the beginning of 2013, is that it requires energy and […]

Week 39: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good  Getting to see the glorious shard due to a diversion. The Bad A busy, busy day. The Autumn period is c-r-a-z-y in publishing. The Unexpected My 18:05 train was cancelled. Which meant I had to catch the train to London Bridge to get home, which also meant getting the train that ends […]

Week 38: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good The above. Treating myself to a gorgeous swedish pastry on a cold and wet September morning. The Bad Feeling guilty for not looking after Gray C better. I’ve been too busy being busy to stop and give my pet bunny some attention. So I’m making her a cardboard castle and vowing to […]

Week 37: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Making it to the Shakespeare and Company Gatsby celebration despite the pouring rain. And it was amazing. I cannot wait to read Sarah Churchwell’s Careless People now, she read some great snippets from her book and it sounded incredible. Afterwards they handed out free gin based twenties style cocktails and a jazz […]

Week 36: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Spending birthday money on some new, clean notebooks. Nothing like a blank canvas to make the ink flow. The Bad The amount of cake we had left over from the wedding, I took a massive block with me to work and ate most of it. Oh and Seamus Heaney died. May this […]

Week 35: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good It’s my gorgeous niece’s (little Soph) first birthday today! So despite being exhausted from getting back from Spain in the early hours of the morning, we all went up to london for a lovely day in the bank holiday sun. The Bad Wedding disasters. With just a week to go, we discovered […]

Week 34: The good, the bad and the unexpected – THE HOLIDAY EDITION

Monday: The Good We arrived on Sunday at our villa mid afternoon to a hearty and warm welcome from the couple who own it. They showed us around and after chatting about the events in Sitges this week, we were eventually left to our own devices. An afternoon full of sunbathing and an evening devoted to […]