It’s November again and I really want to write a book.

I’ll start by saying that I got the redundancy. And that after it had fully sunk in and now that the dramatic dust has settled, I feel good about it. Positive in fact. Excited even. Because I get three full months off, all to myself whilst still getting paid. It’s a pretty sweet deal and […]

The ugly truth about trying to write a book

It’s been a long journey, let me start by saying that. It’s also still very much in the journey phase as I STILL haven’t finished this so-called book yet. Mainly on account of the fact that I’ve rewritten it precisely one million and fifty-five times. Damn you perfectionism. My general feelings about writing a book […]

Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards, but it sure don’t taste as sweet.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, getting back on the blogging horse has been on my mind more than ever recently. Now that I once again face unemployment. My contract is finished and it isn’t being extended. I can’t help but take that as a reflection on myself and my capabilities or […]

A room of my own

One of my biggest worries when I faced my final few weeks at university, besides the exams, was coming home. Back to the home that knew the naive, young thing that I was at 18. I grew up at Uni. A lot. I found independence and I was reluctant to lose it, I’d become my […]

Becoming a writer: Putting pen to paper (electronically)

Ok, so it’s taken me a while to get this blog off the ground. I’ve been meaning to start writing for the past few weeks, but things just kept coming up. Like vacuuming and emptying the dishwasher and applying for jobs. The truth is, I’m a little nervous; nervous about bearing my soul to the […]