A Summer Holiday in France

It’s taken me a while to actually sit down and write about my summer adventures and I think that’s because subconsciously I’ve been trying to preserve them. As if writing about them makes them a thing of the past. So here I am, sitting in my garden, off sick, trying to make myself feel better by […]

A summer night ‘out out’ and about

University seems like such a distant memory sometimes as if it never happened. Yet whenever I see my Uni housemates it’s like I’m immediately a student again, as if I’ve slipped back into my old student ways, giggling and laughing about the things we did in Canterbury, all those years ago. I started this blog […]

Project: Summertime Gladness

As an ode to the onset of summer, I’m proposing to embark on a seasonal project. A project all about joy and goodness, positivity and thankfulness. All about sun, birds singing, eating alfresco, licking various flavours of ice cream (in both cones and tubs, with or without flakes), gin and tonic, elderflower, sand in between […]