Week 7: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Sudoku. And lots of it. The Bad Sitting directly below a draft in Starbucks; twas a tad chilly. The Unexpected Being told to leave Starbucks because it was closing. Certainly didn’t expect that. The manager scared the life out of me, bringing me reluctantly out of my Sudoku reverie. Tuesday: The Good Getting […]

I’m Single. And I know it.

Valentines smalentines! Happy Thursday people! A Happy Single Awareness day to one and all! I’m single and I know it. And have been for the majority of my life. The longest relationship I’ve had lasted exactly one month, 3 weeks of which were spent away from each other. I’ve been on dates believe me, I’ve […]

Lent: Lend me some sleep

I completely forgot that it was pancake day today. Shrove Tuesday has come around so fast. It was only when my friend tweeted me asking what I intended to give up for lent, that I began to think about it. Lent is traditionally about sacrificing something for 40 days and 40 nights, like Jesus did in that Desert where he […]

Nail varnish and OCD

Today I am blogging to you live from Starbucks. Surrounded by the chatter of coffee drinkers, caffeine having given them a burst of energy on this cold mid morning. Recently I have developed an obsession with nail varnish and the delights of nail art. Each nail design lasting a week before the white of my nails begins […]

Week 6: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:  The Good A Hazelnut Latte. A Pen. A rather large wad of Paper. And thoughts finally appearing on a page. The Bad Cigarette smoke ruining my Starbucks experience. The Unexpected The Police warning a haughty lad outside the toilet I was in. Awkward. Tuesday: The Good Going for a bracing walk in the cold. […]

Irrational fear on a Friday

It’s been a while since I last posted. Yes, in the week where I have done nothing but read the Hunger Games, I have failed to blog. I was meant to write a serious post tonight. A long one. A good one. About a heartbreaking documentary I watched today about a woman who died alone […]

The awkward moment when you’re on the toilet in Starbucks and the police are outside reprimanding a hoity toity lad

So yesterday, I decided to go for a walk. A long one. With the promise of a hot, creamy Hazelnut latte in the middle of it. Starbucks’ finest beverage. Simple but sweet, it’s nutty goodness all mine in the mug I clutched in my chilly hands. I mainly left the house to get a change […]

Week 5: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Applying for more work experience including Little Tiger Press. Mum coming home from work early for our Vicar’s funeral so that we ended up spending the afternoon together; walking, drinking Starbucks and pottering around the charity shops. She treated me to a gorgeous maroon velvet blazer and a tall Vanilla Spiced Latte. […]