Summertime Gladness Day Eight: The rain fell like Dominoes

This weekend, I looked up into the greying sky – all the blue, well and truly faded from it – and felt a little sad. Sad, that the sun seems to have deserted Britain in favour of leaving us in the wet and rather damp hands of Mr Torrential Rain. I suppose I’ve got complacent, and grown […]

Summertime Gladness Day Seven: An attitude of gratitude

The reason I decided to do this project in the first place, was to adopt a renewed appreciation for the simple things in life. A refreshed gratitude for the everyday. I also wanted to acknowledge the rejuvenation that summer brings, because it is a truly wonderful season and I seem to forget that each year. […]

Summertime Gladness Day Five: Holding hands and skimming stones…

Last weekend was another of pure summer delight. It was mine and my boyfriend’s (his name is Oli) one year anniversary on Thursday 9th July and so to celebrate we decided to go to the beach. Because a beach day is an undeniable nod to summer. We ummed and ahhed about which beach to venture to, I […]