Blogmas Day 21: Christmas Reads

One day I’d love to own and run a book shop. It would be called Pages and would also sell excellent coffee and big slabs of homemade cake. It would have comfy, buttery, deep-seated leather armchairs and wooden floors and the best events, workshops and literature based discussions. And at Christmas, I would have a […]

Blogmas Day 12: Crazy Christmas Lights

Every year, a house in my hometown, goes a little bit crazy for Christmas. And each year, they seem to deck their exterior halls bigger and better than before. I dread to think what their electricity bill is at the end of this month. It must be through the roof – a little like the […]

Blogmas Day 8: How to fill a stocking for a four year old for under £20

My Mum told me that this year I will not be getting a stocking. And I’ve had a stocking for the past 24 years, so this comes as a serious blow. I’m a little bit gutted. But I guess, now that I’m getting married, I am too much of an adult to wake up to […]

Blogmas Day 7: A Gingerbread house of sorts

Yesterday, was a particularly Christmassy one. It involved a lot of icing sugar, sweets, ginger, cinnamon and a whole heap of baking trays. It was sweet to say the least. I’ve always wanted to make a Gingerbread house but for one reason or another, I’ve never actually gotten around to it. And whenever I’ve suggested […]

Blogmas Day 6: Walking in a winter wonderland…

There’s frost outside, on the ground. And the air is nipping at my nose. Biting at it actually. My hands and lips are chapped. Big time. I should really remember to moisture at night. But I couldn’t be happier. I love summer don’t get me wrong but I love wrapping up warm too, donning my […]

Blogmas Day 5: Who needs a Christmas tree?

I really want a Christmas tree this year. Like really, really bad. But my bank balance won’t allow it. And even if we opt for a small artificial tree, that’s still money we could – and let’s face it, should – be spending on the wedding or the honeymoon or the fund for our future […]

Blogmas Day 3 and 4: A Weekend in Exeter

This weekend, I went to Exeter with some friends for a festive getaway. And it was delightful. I may not have opened any of my advent calendar chocolates until today (5 days late) as a result but it was totally worth the sacrifice, I can assure you. The weekend consisted off lots of food – in fact […]

Blogmas Day 2: Enchanted Woodland at Syon Park

I love an enchanted forest or a woodland. Or whatever it is you want to call it. I love colourful lights and trees and winter nights and I love walking around holding a hot drink in a take away cup; it makes me feel sophisticated and accomplished. Sad, but true. So when I saw Syon […]

Blogmas Day 1: A festive trip to the garden centre

If you want to get in the festive frame of mind, without venturing too far or spending far too much, then head to your local Garden centre. Go on, get yourself into the car, or wrap up warm and set off on foot. Whatever your preferred mode of transport, your local Garden centres is never […]

When one month long challenge ends, another begins: Merry Blogmas

So last night, NANOWRIMO wrapped itself up and I finished my typing, stopping at 52, 670 words. And boy am I glad that November is done and dusted now. But as one door closes on a month-long challenge another door opens. It’s now officially December and Advent has well and truly begun. So I figure […]