Week 17: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Walking past Starbucks and being given a free coffee. And two vouchers for 50p off my favourite drink. I couldn’t have hoped for a better start to the week. The Bad Getting seriously enraged at Made in Chelsea. Spencer Matthews is a joke. An extremely unfunny joke. The Unexpected Getting offered another […]

Week 16: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Starting my new job. The Bad Oversleeping. Bigtime. Due to certain weekend events I’ve been unable to have a much needed lie-in for the past two weeks. So my body decided to go on strike, without my permission. So I’m meant to wake up at 7:15, but today I woke up with […]

It’s finally beginning

Recently, as some of you may have read in Week 15: The good, the bad and the unexpected, I was offered a job. For six weeks. As a temporary marketing assistant at Orion. There I was making a show card for an author event when I was interrupted. A girl came into the small meeting […]

Week 15: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:  The Good Getting an email from Walker books recommending me for a publishing job. I was touched that they thought of and remembered me. Establishing connections. The Bad Crying on the train at said email. I’m an emotional being. The Unexpected The email from Walker. Is that cheating? Tuesday:  The Good Being asked to […]

Week 14: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Being in Bath. Being able to escape from my life for a little while. Feeling excited for the challenges of the coming week. The Bad Needing the toilet on a long journey. The Unexpected Finally…finally finishing the Host. It was well worth persevering with as it was quite superb. And now I […]

Another day, another internship

It’s day 3 of my Publicity internship at Orion. And although I am sick of working for free this internship is turning out to be rather exciting. Today I came into the office, deposited my sandwich in the fridge and filled up a watering can. Yes, a watering can. In a publishing house. Of all […]