A creative day indeed

Money is not my friend at the moment, it actually gives me palpitations thinking about the amount sitting in my bank account that has to last me for the foreseeable future. But its a lesson I suppose. I’m learning that although I don’t have a lot of disposable income I do have a huge amount of stuff. Some of […]

Week 4: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:   The Good Having an excuse to get out of the house. An Interview. An opportunity. Excitement, anticipation, a journey and several butterflies inhabiting my stomach.   The Bad Being cold in the thick, freezing air, ground laden with a white, squeaky covering of snowflakes, all crushed and molded to thousands of hurried, ‘I can’t be late […]

(500) Days of Summer: I love us

(500) Days of Summer is my favourite film. Of all time. It is ingenious and feels so very real. The characters are three dimensional, you see them at there best and worst. Literally. You know them. Inside out. It is clever, witty, deadpan and honest about life and whenever I watch it, I don’t feel disillusioned, in fact this […]

Naughty Noughties

*SPOILER ALERT!* Ben Master’s debut novel is obnoxious and confusing at first, hard to get into, but well worth pursuing. I got given this book by Penguin (the publishers, not the antarctic inhabiting, flightless and very cute bird) when I went to their publishing open day and it is clearly a book they had picked out […]

Oh, here’s to you Mrs Robinson: The Graduate

*SPOILER ALERT!* The Graduate, is one of the easiest books I have ever read, in fact it’s like reading a play but entirely in prose format. You could read it in a few hours. It is short and to some degree sweet. Frustrating, because the ending leaves so much unsaid but ultimately an interesting read. […]

Bee Pea in London City, where the attitudes bad and the weather is…

Sometimes just getting out, stepping out into the breeze is all it takes. All it takes to shift the cobwebs and the perspective that you previously held onto so incredibly tightly. Life really is what you make it. If you feel low, or sad or disappointed, dig about the little money you have in your […]

Week 2: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:   The Good I applied for several publishing internships, feeling freshly encouraged and invigourated from the wonderful weekend.   The Bad I had a horrible sore throat and consequently drank too many hot drinks and needed the toilet too many times.   The Unexpected Waking up to what sounded like the commencement of fox […]