The importance of catching Z’s

The other day, whilst sat in the staff room, glugging back a hot milky coffee, thick with sugar, I overheard my colleague remark that he had gone to bed the night before at 8.30pm. Upon hearing this I immediately developed serious sleep envy because at that precise moment (hence the caffeine) I was lagging. A […]

Week 24: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good An interview, where I’m currently working. Although the nerves were rife, I was excited and my colleagues encouraged me and put me at ease. The Bad Having a horrendous headache after my interview, all the stress and apprehension got to be too much. The Unexpected Innocently stopping to blow my nose after […]

It’s been a while Crocodile: a note on recent life

It sure has. Well, just to let you know I am very much alive and thrilled that one hundred and five of you lovely people have chosen to read and follow my ramblings. You have made a previously miserable, and disillusioned female on the brink of something, very, very happy indeed. So thank you, from the […]