A little wander down memory lane…

Going back is the weirdest thing. Back to the place where things began to begin. And that place is Canterbury. My University town, where the streets are cobbled and the buildings are old in places, the bricks still intact but groaning a little with age. If you listen closely enough then you can hear them muttering […]

Throwback Thursday: Graduation – notes on feeling like a Harry Potter Extra

My Facebook news feed has been full of people graduating recently. Seeing snapshots of people in mortar boards and lengthy robes takes me straight back to my own graduation, on a blustery and bitterly cold day in November, back in 2012. It’s crazy to think that I graduated nearly three years ago and that I […]

Week 22: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Another adventure with the friends today. We all met in Sainsbury’s to get picnic snacks. Myself and the boys, opted for a couple of baguettes, a block of lurpack, some cheese, ham, a jar of pickle and some innocent fruit juice. Oh and some serviettes, plastic cups and of course, cutlery. We […]

Lent: Lend me some sleep

I completely forgot that it was pancake day today. Shrove Tuesday has come around so fast. It was only when my friend tweeted me asking what I intended to give up for lent, that I began to think about it. Lent is traditionally about sacrificing something for 40 days and 40 nights, like Jesus did in that Desert where he […]

Week 4: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:   The Good Having an excuse to get out of the house. An Interview. An opportunity. Excitement, anticipation, a journey and several butterflies inhabiting my stomach.   The Bad Being cold in the thick, freezing air, ground laden with a white, squeaky covering of snowflakes, all crushed and molded to thousands of hurried, ‘I can’t be late […]

Naughty Noughties

*SPOILER ALERT!* Ben Master’s debut novel is obnoxious and confusing at first, hard to get into, but well worth pursuing. I got given this book by Penguin (the publishers, not the antarctic inhabiting, flightless and very cute bird) when I went to their publishing open day and it is clearly a book they had picked out […]