So you’ve had a bad day?

The bad day. They are, let’s be honest, horrific. And we all have them, despite what social media would have us believe. We are NOT alone in the plight of the bad day, it’s an epidemic sweeping the nation. The whole world infact. And yes, admittedly my bad days are absolutely nothing compared to those […]


I just wanted to post a little thought because today is World Mental Health Day and it really is astounding how many of us have suffered and continue to suffer with mental health issues. Mental health comes with a lot of automatic stigmas. ‘You’re unhinged! You’re mad! You’re pathetic!’ All of those thoughts went through […]

It’s been a while Crocodile: a note on recent life

It sure has. Well, just to let you know I am very much alive and thrilled that one hundred and five of you lovely people have chosen to read and follow my ramblings. You have made a previously miserable, and disillusioned female on the brink of something, very, very happy indeed. So thank you, from the […]