Blogmas Day 10: Knit one, purl one; happiest in knitwear.

This is a post about my love, love, love of wool. I can’t seem to shake the sound of knitting needles from my head at the moment. Because the truth is; I am happiest when in a jumper. And I’ve found a few gems this year in the old knit wear department. It’s no secret that […]

Saying yes to the dress

Disclaimer: This will be the first of many wedding related blog posts. Just saying.  Ok, so this Tuesday I went Wedding dress shopping for the very first time. Prior to getting engaged, I successfully managed to resist the very real temptation to feign a betrothal and enter a bridal shop to try on shrouds of […]

Week 31: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good The fact that the need for modesty bags to cover dirty magazines has finally been recognised. Couldn’t agree more, no one wants to be flashed when they’ve innocently popped to the co-operative for a bunch of bananas and some rice cakes. The Bad Walking all the way to Topshop to collect my […]

Bikini Bottoms

This afternoon I went on the most horrific shopping trip. Ever. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times. One reason being the sheer vastness and rudeness of the people frequenting the shops. The second reason is the continuous removal and donning of your existing clothes. The third has to be the unflattering and hot lighting […]