Autumn days when the grass is jewelled…

I love Autumn and every year, when this season pulls up outside, I’m reminded of how incredibly beautiful it is. All those fallen, auburn leaves and the frost on the grass in the morning. Scarves and hats and wellington boots. Fireworks and sparklers and cosy nights in watching The Apprentice and I’m a Celebrity. Breath, […]

Seasons come and seasons go

My sunglasses are firmly back in my handbag, the evenings are lighter and there are daffodils and tulips everywhere I turn. This can only mean one thing…SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! And boy, am I happy to see her. (She’s a female season on account of her floral beauty and the fact that the epitome of spring […]

Enjoying the little things

Wednesday is my favourite week day, with the exception of Friday. And that’s because my favourite person comes to see me after work. And we spend the afternoon and the evening together, laughing and being silly. Lately we’ve taken to going for runs together, training for a 10km that we are still to enter. I […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn.

I love Autumn. Always have, always will. Hands down, it is my very favourite of all the seasons. I mainly enjoy this season because I am reunited with scarves, oversized, granddad jumpers and all things woollen. Wool is my very favourite of materials. *Provided it’s the soft, as opposed to itchy kind* I love layering […]