Summertime Gladness Day Five: Holding hands and skimming stones…

Last weekend was another of pure summer delight. It was mine and my boyfriend’s (his name is Oli) one year anniversary on Thursday 9th July and so to celebrate we decided to go to the beach. Because a beach day is an undeniable nod to summer. We ummed and ahhed about which beach to venture to, I […]

Week 23: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Listening to my Gatsby soundtrack on the way to work and feeling like the bees knees, its arms and legs as a result! The Bad The bus and it’s inability to wait for me to get off the train. The Unexpected Finding out that the abandoned computer on my desk at work, […]

Another day, another internship

It’s day 3 of my Publicity internship at Orion. And although I am sick of working for free this internship is turning out to be rather exciting. Today I came into the office, deposited my sandwich in the fridge and filled up a watering can. Yes, a watering can. In a publishing house. Of all […]