Blogmas Day 19: Why?

Sometimes horrible things happen. Terrible, awful things. Like earthquakes. And floods. And hurricanes. People die, families are torn apart and there is grief. Real and palpable and painful, everywhere. And we, as humans, we look up. Up to God or some higher being and we raise our arms at Him or them, or whatever it […]

Week 38: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good The above. Treating myself to a gorgeous swedish pastry on a cold and wet September morning. The Bad Feeling guilty for not looking after Gray C better. I’ve been too busy being busy to stop and give my pet bunny some attention. So I’m making her a cardboard castle and vowing to […]

‘You said I must eat so many lemons, cause I am so bitter.’

Today is already a bad day. At 10:21 I already want to crawl back into bed and wake up in someone else’s life. Because mine isn’t feeling so great at the moment. Today someone could so much as look at me and I’d burst into tears. There are cracks in my foundations. I woke up at 8:30 and […]

I’m Single. And I know it.

Valentines smalentines! Happy Thursday people! A Happy Single Awareness day to one and all! I’m single and I know it. And have been for the majority of my life. The longest relationship I’ve had lasted exactly one month, 3 weeks of which were spent away from each other. I’ve been on dates believe me, I’ve […]

Bee Pea in London City, where the attitudes bad and the weather is…

Sometimes just getting out, stepping out into the breeze is all it takes. All it takes to shift the cobwebs and the perspective that you previously held onto so incredibly tightly. Life really is what you make it. If you feel low, or sad or disappointed, dig about the little money you have in your […]

A publisher calls

I hope that when I begin to type this, my phone rings. I hope I am interrupted by the shrill, alarming vibrations of my decrepid iPhone. I hope she rings me soon, she is 11 minutes late; 11 minutes over our specified time. I should’ve just answered the questions at 11:11 am, when she first […]

‘If this is another call from PPI…’

I do not have PPI. I repeat, I do not have Payment.Protection. Insurance; mainly because I haven’t got a loan, credit card, car or finance for my non-existent car or mortgage. In fact it’s a definite salt-in-the-wound situation with PPI, who text, email and phone me almost to spitefully remind me that I have nothing. Almost everyday. […]