It’s finally beginning

Recently, as some of you may have read in Week 15: The good, the bad and the unexpected, I was offered a job. For six weeks. As a temporary marketing assistant at Orion. There I was making a show card for an author event when I was interrupted. A girl came into the small meeting […]

Tomorrow I shall be: Rebecca, The Intern

So tomorrow is the big day. The day that my internship at Little Tiger Press begins. Excited is not the word. I am ecstatic at the prospect of getting up with the world and exercising my brain for the day. Well, for a fortnight actually. Just to feel tired will be such a welcome feeling. […]

Week 6: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:  The Good A Hazelnut Latte. A Pen. A rather large wad of Paper. And thoughts finally appearing on a page. The Bad Cigarette smoke ruining my Starbucks experience. The Unexpected The Police warning a haughty lad outside the toilet I was in. Awkward. Tuesday: The Good Going for a bracing walk in the cold. […]

‘If this is another call from PPI…’

I do not have PPI. I repeat, I do not have Payment.Protection. Insurance; mainly because I haven’t got a loan, credit card, car or finance for my non-existent car or mortgage. In fact it’s a definite salt-in-the-wound situation with PPI, who text, email and phone me almost to spitefully remind me that I have nothing. Almost everyday. […]