Blogmas Day 18: Carols by Candlelight

The church looks gorgeous at this time of year. And nothing makes it look prettier, than a candlelit service. And nothing says (or perhaps, sings is more apt) Christmas like a good old-fashioned carol service. And on Sunday, after a frantic day of organising, running and speaking at a youth service, having a Christmas lunch […]

Week 38: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good The above. Treating myself to a gorgeous swedish pastry on a cold and wet September morning. The Bad Feeling guilty for not looking after Gray C better. I’ve been too busy being busy to stop and give my pet bunny some attention. So I’m making her a cardboard castle and vowing to […]

Week 32: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Getting to work early and starting the day with a creamy coffee. The Bad The rain. Getting absolutely soaked in a monsoon-like downpour, I could have stood in the shower fully clothed and been drier. My shoes broke, my bag got soaked and all my foundation ran all over my white blazer. […]

Week 23: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Listening to my Gatsby soundtrack on the way to work and feeling like the bees knees, its arms and legs as a result! The Bad The bus and it’s inability to wait for me to get off the train. The Unexpected Finding out that the abandoned computer on my desk at work, […]

Week 21: The good, the bad and the unexpected – Bank holiday bumper edition

Monday: The Good Going to Waterstones Head Office in Piccadilly with a colleague to deliver a very important manuscript. I love an adventure. The Bad Knowing that this was the last day of having a proper desk all to myself. The Unexpected Being given the task of getting a promotional flip book made for one […]

Week 16: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday: The Good Starting my new job. The Bad Oversleeping. Bigtime. Due to certain weekend events I’ve been unable to have a much needed lie-in for the past two weeks. So my body decided to go on strike, without my permission. So I’m meant to wake up at 7:15, but today I woke up with […]

Week 15: The good, the bad and the unexpected

Monday:  The Good Getting an email from Walker books recommending me for a publishing job. I was touched that they thought of and remembered me. Establishing connections. The Bad Crying on the train at said email. I’m an emotional being. The Unexpected The email from Walker. Is that cheating? Tuesday:  The Good Being asked to […]

The curse of the Ring for the Single girl

Ok, so I’m in church. All is well initially, we’re singing and I just so happen to scan the left side of the hall. Then I double take. Because there is a man I haven’t seen before. A man who is gorgeous, a man who is in his early twenties, a man who is dressed […]