December: An overview of my very favourite of all the months

I’ve done a lot of festive things this December to get me in the mood for Christmas. So I thought I’d write a little post about my favourite events that occurred in this wonderful, twelfth month. The fifth of December: I headed into London to meet my old university housemates for a Prosecco brunch. I lived […]

Summertime Gladness Day Five: Holding hands and skimming stones…

Last weekend was another of pure summer delight. It was mine and my boyfriend’s (his name is Oli) one year anniversary on Thursday 9th July and so to celebrate we decided to go to the beach. Because a beach day is an undeniable nod to summer. We ummed and ahhed about which beach to venture to, I […]

Project: Summertime Gladness

As an ode to the onset of summer, I’m proposing to embark on a seasonal project. A project all about joy and goodness, positivity and thankfulness. All about sun, birds singing, eating alfresco, licking various flavours of ice cream (in both cones and tubs, with or without flakes), gin and tonic, elderflower, sand in between […]