It’s me, Bee Pea.

Consuming an unhealthy amount of tea, reading too many books and inevitably moaning far too much. I want a lot of things but obtaining a Vespa is my main priority; it is of paramount importance. Aunty to the cutest baby around town, self-confessed rabbit lady and in desperate need of employment; read all about it if you dare. My hair needs cutting asap, too many split ends…how philosophical.
 A recent graduate knocking on the door of publishing and achieving diddley squat; take me back to the essays I used to detest and the kitchen that was never clean. Take me where the lights are bright, the music is loud and the drinks are cheap. Oh how I miss the days of wandering around the cobbled streets of Canterbury, stopping for free samples in Hotel Chocolat and bumping into at least five people I knew. Take me back to the lounge full of youth and promise and laughter, so much laughter; sipping tea and watching ‘lady boys’ with my gorgeous housemates.
Life after Uni has been bitter-sweet. Full of travelling and friends, family, a baby rabbit and a real baby. Full of a slow releasing promise, like dough rising in the airing cupboard. Home is the yeast that gently lifts me to the surface and I can see the beginning of things and the hope that is there, as there so often is at the start of something. And although this sometimes feels like the end, (the end of life as I knew it, at least) it’s impeccably clear that there is, most definitely, a life after Uni. Albeit different, yes incredibly different, but nonetheless beautiful.
For any of you mourning what feels like the loss of your independence, or longing for the days when your biggest decision was whether to go ‘out’ or ‘out out’;  for those of you who have been tossed out of campus life only to tumble into the jobless abyss, trailing after some job that you don’t really want; then welcome.
We’re in the same boat and it’s not a measly rowing boat either. No, it’s a Noah style Ark and we’re going in more than two by two. That’s for sure.

8 thoughts on “It’s me, Bee Pea.

  1. Love your “About Me”… I just graduated in May and I have had so many similar thoughts. The transition to “the real world” is exciting but also intimidating and I definitely miss deciding between going “out” and “out out” haha

  2. You are really bringing me back to my post-college days, which often triggers the nostalgia for me too. The real world is a strange place, but it somehow does get easier. Looking forward to exploring your blog!

    • Thank you so much for reading 🙂 I’m glad, nothing like a good dose of nostalgia. The real world certainly is bizarre but I’m gradually settling into adult life now…kind of! I love you blog, it’s absolutely brilliant, I can’t wait to read more!

  3. This will be me next year – I’ve just started a blog but set one year before you! Great to read about what is to come

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