Blogmas Day 17: Head in the clouds…literally

I love London. And at Christmas it is even more magical and grand. What with all the lights and the Christmas markets and the decorations everywhere.

This Saturday was reUNIon day for me and my University housemates. We don’t see each other all that often, what with life being so busy and all. So we always make time at Christmas for a special day out together. And whether we’re bottomless brunching or just sipping a Starbucks, it’s good to be in the company of the girls that I lived with for three years.

Only, one of them was ill and unable to join us. Which was an unexpected shame. But we carried on regardless and the annual Christmas reUNIon resumed.


And so we met at 12.30 at mooched around the Christmas market in Hays Galleria and by Tower Bridge. There were cute little stalls to look at and umm and ahhh over and a lot of cheese samples to consume. It was ideal.


There’s something so lovely and special about Christmas markets, those little wooden huts do something to me. And it was fun, walking three abreast, chatting about our lives, looking out at a very foggy London, stopping every few minutes to look at a stall.


The weather, however was a slight dilemma especially considering the fact that we were headed up the Sky Garden that afternoon at half past two.

With the Christmas markets done and dusted, we ducked into Starbucks and enjoyed a good old coffee before we headed to the Sky Garden entrance, ready to ascend. And once our bags had been scanned and our bodies frisked, we clambered into the lift and arrived in what looked like a huge, snazzy conservatory.

I was quite impressed with it to be honest, it’s amazing that you can go up there for free. That was the best thing about it. The Shard certainly isn’t free, in fact it’s the opposite of free. Ok, so the Shard is a lot higher but still. I like things that are free. I like the Sky Garden. Get yourselves up there! ASAP!


Once we’d looked at the plants and walked about a bit, we decided to get some refreshment. Our eyes had caught sight of some amazing looking doughnuts on our way around the plants and so we each bought one and found a recently vacated cosy little, blanket laden nook to eat them in. The girls also bought a glass of prosecco to accompany their sweet treats but to save money, I went for a classic cup of tea. It was a good and cost effective choice.



It was lovely sitting in our little cosy space, nattering away, laughing, reminiscing and sharing little snippets from the past year, wrapped in blankets and enjoying the moment with absolutely no need to rush.


We had even less need to rush because the foggy weather had obscured any potential view from the Sky Garden, so we could literally see nothing from our vantage point in the sky. Our heads were quite literally stuck in the clouds.

This is what the Sky Garden had looked like from the ground…


…so you can imagine how opaque the sky must have been up there.

But after a few hours of talking, we turned our heads to look out the window and saw that the cloud was lifting. And soon enough it had completely shifted and the viewing deck was reopened. And we went outside, the sun having set and peered down at London all lit up.



Once we’d seen all the possible angles of London from the sky, we descend and went for a drink before I said goodbye to them.

It was a lovely day, chilled out and relaxed and with no great agenda other than catching up and taking a little rest within the crazy, whirlwind of this busy time of year.


I’m a lucky girl, to have friends like these, in my life.

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