Blogmas Day 16: Wreath wrestling

Every door needs a good wreath this time of year. A pretty little circle covered in holly and ivy and glitter and gold and snow spray…obviously.

My Mum loves a homemade wreath and it’s a bit of a tradition in our house to make our own every year. I normally help my Mum collect all the branches and leaves and then leave her too it. If I’m lucky I might get asked to spray something gold.

But this year she bought me and my sister a ring of oasis and encouraged us to make our own to deck out our very own front doors. Well, Oli’s front door. And the door of my sisters house.

The easiest bit of constructing your own wreath is definitely collecting the foliage. All you need is a good pair of shoes, a pair of secateurs, some gardening gloves and a big bag for life.

That’s the easy part.

Once you’ve collected all the green stuff you need, it’s time to prep your oasis. I soaked mine in a lot of water for quite a while in an effort to keep the foliage alive and fresh looking for as long as possible.

I let the oasis dry for a bit and then before I even began shoving bits of tree into the damp foam, I tied a bit of string around the wreath so that I could eventually hang it off of the front door.

There are many different approaches to wreath assembly. I opted for the stick-it-in-and-manipulate-it-around approach, tying everything in place, bit by bit, with gold ribbon.





Until it looked a little bit like this. I trimmed away any straying branches with my secateurs and stood back to look at it, pleased and content.

And then I reached for the snow spray and got a little bit crazy with it; evident below.


To ensure that the gold ribbon was covered and to add a bit more depth to the wreath, I popped in some ivy as a second layer to my wreath. The little buds in the ivy look great when sprayed gold and add a nice texture to the wreath. They always feature heavily in my Mum’s yearly wreath.


I also popped in some artificial red, glittery berries on wire, which I was able to get from Wilko’s for a £1. I went crazy with them and they look great snuggled inbetween the holly I put in and spray painted gold.

And there you have it, here is the finished product.


It looks pretty and festive hanging next to Oli’s door and I feel like I’ve joined in with the rest of the neighbours who have also put up there offerings, outside of there houses.


Come on Christmas, we’re ready for you!

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