Blogmas Day 14: How to fill a stocking for a one year old for under £20

My littlest niece, turned one this October. So this year, Christmas will be a lot more exciting for her as she has more of a concept of presents. And although she’s often more excited about the wrapping and the packaging, rather than the actual present underneath or inside, I have a feeling that she’ll enjoy two of these stocking fillers rather a lot.


I stumbled across this gorgeous, knitted gingerbread man in my new favourite shop, Wilko. When I saw him, I immediately thought of little Pops and could just imagine her tucking him under her chin and walking about with him in her arms. And at £3.50 he was just perfect to pop in her stocking. He’s a nice, chunky, cuddly size and he’s just that little bit different to all the other many soft toys that Poppy has to her name. She’ll just love it.

Another thing that Poppy will especially love is these Kinder chocolate Santa’s for a £1 from Poundland. She loves chocolate, she takes after her Aunty in that respect. These are such a great, little stocking filler too.

The stocking itself – like Sophie’s one – is also from Poundland; it’s knitted but stretchy and flexible enough for quite a few presents to be squeezed and squished into it.

The next few presents are more practical than fun perhaps, but Pops will look super cute in them all, that’s for sure. The pink rabbit jumper is from Mothercare and was in the sale reduced from £13 to £9, so more on the pricier side of life, especially when you consider that you can buy an adult jumper at a very similar price. But it’s adorable and the fluffy rabbit on the front is super soft. The leggings, purchased to go underneath the jumper (and other outfits in Poppy’s wardrobe), were £3.50 for two pairs from Primark. An absolute bargain!

And there you have it, a little stocking for a little person.

I can’t wait to give these presents to her and to spend Christmas day with these special, gorgeous little nieces of mine.

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