Blogmas Day 13: Sunday – sip, stroll, repeat.

As I may have mentioned before (erm, maybe just a few times) one of my favourite things to do is to go for a walk, whilst cupping a fresh, hot coffee in my palms on a brisk, crisp and sunny winter day with the man I love.


So this Sunday, after a morning session of planning the Youth Christmas service at Church with the young people, and before cooking them a full, blown Christmas dinner that evening, we decided to carve out a little time for ourselves and brush the cobwebs off by heading outside. Because as much as we wanted to snuggle up on the sofa, drinking hot chocolate whilst watching copious Christmas films or Gavin and Stacey episodes, we knew we’d feel better if we didn’t waste such a gorgeous, winters day slouching around indoors. So out we went. And we certainly didn’t regret it.


We strolled around, treading on the fallen leaves, sipping our coffees and holding hands and chatting about our upcoming wedding and all the many things there are still to do. Making a mental to-do-list, one bullet point at a time. And it felt good, progressing on the walk, feeling the ache in our legs and feet, knowing that we were on top of things and in control.


And knowing that just like our walk was drawing to a close, so is this year. And soon it will be next year. 2017.

And that year is our year. The year that we say I do.

We’ve got a whole lot of Sundays ahead of us. All the Sundays for the rest of our lives.

And we can stroll, sip and repeat until our hearts are content. Together. Forever.

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