Blogmas Day 11: A family trip to Lewes


This weekend, Oli and I went to Lewes with my parents for a Christmassy, family day. If you haven’t been to Lewes before than I strongly recommend that you do. It’s a cute little place, full of Antique shops, amazing coffee shops, a Castle, bookish stores a plenty and cobbled stones. It’s quaint and pretty and a lovely place to escape to for a day.

We started our time in Lewes in the restaurant Bills for a scrummy, yummy lunch. The Bills in Lewes is the first, original Bills to have ever opened and as a result, they serve breakfast until 4pm. 4pm! Bills breakfast is where it’s at, it’s seriously good. And the idea of it being served until the late afternoon is a very exciting prospect.

But I decided to order off of the lunch menu instead and chose the buttermilk chicken burger with fries and chipotle mayonnaise. It was delightful and delicious.

Lunch finished, we headed off to wander around the shops and admire all the pretty Christmas decorations along the way. I was quite proud of myself because I managed not to spend any money at all. Even though I was very tempted, several times.


But after a while, we were all in need of a coffee based pit stop and a slice or two of cake. We managed to secure a table in the cute, modern Flint Owl Bakery. They offer a huge plethora of good-looking cakes and pastries and tray bakes and proper coffee. You know, the kind with latte artwork on the top.


I chose a caramel doughnut to accompany my cappuccino and boy did it not disappoint. It was soft and crammed full of salty caramel sauce and a chunk of honeycomb. Just what a girl needs to pep her up in the late afternoon.


Once we’d finished sipping and nibbling away at our sweet treats, we came outside to see that the sun had disappeared and had been replaced by a dark sky. And as depressing as these dark, early nights can really be, they also serve to brighten all the lights that are out. The darkness makes all the fairy lights that little bit more sparkly and I love it.



And as the shops shut, we made our way back to the car, gazing into the lit windows as we walked. I caught sight of Elsa stuck in the window of Waterstones, looking a little forlorn with a note wrapped around her and secured with an elastic band, because her owner had left her behind, most probably by accident. And most probably right about now, her owner and his/her parents are distraught because Elsa is nowhere to be seen.

img_6912I also caught a glimpse of this pretty, decorated tree, through this lit window. And it made me wonder about the family that bought and spent the day decorating it and all the little, individual, family traditions that make Christmas so wonderful and joyous. And personal.


When we arrived back home, we changed into our PJ’s and I made us all cheese and red onion on toast and a large pot of tea and we sat together in the living room watching Love Actually and laughing the evening away.

It was ideal.

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