Blogmas Day 10: Knit one, purl one; happiest in knitwear.

This is a post about my love, love, love of wool. I can’t seem to shake the sound of knitting needles from my head at the moment. Because the truth is; I am happiest when in a jumper. And I’ve found a few gems this year in the old knit wear department.

It’s no secret that money isn’t of the essence right now, I’ve been made redundant and I have a wedding and a honeymoon to pay for, so there aren’t many spare pennies knocking around right about now. Sadly.

So no new winter coat for me, instead I’ve recycled last years. I like to at least try to get two seasons out of a coat. And there is no better way to jazz up a coat than to buy new accessories; cue cute pom-pom hats, cosy gloves and exceptionally snuggly snoods and scarfs. Normally I’d head straight for Accessorize but remember what I said about the old money tree. So this year, I stumbled across my latest knit wear investment in the most unexpected of places; Aldi.

Sadly there are no mirrors in Aldi so I ummed and ahhed for ages about which colour to buy; using my selfie camera on my iPhone as a mirror. I must have looked like a very indecisive idiot, whipping hats and scarfs on and off repeatedly and then taking pictures of myself as I did it. But in the end, I settled on a dark grey matching set and it was a choice well made. The scarf/snood (£5.99) is so super soft and cuddly that I find it hard to take off and the hat keeps my head super toasty too (£3.99).

As well as sporting my new Aldi bobble hat above, I’m also wearing my new favourite piece of clothing, in the shot above. This dusky pink number with candy cane arms and white neck and cuffs is from Primark for a mere £12. I adore it, especially the colour of it. It’s just baggy enough to be extra comfy but fitted enough that I don’t lose my shape.

Roll neck is not normally a style I go for in clothing. But when I stumbled across this dark, green beauty I decided to go for it. And to be honest, I wish I had more roll necks in my life. They are flattering and cute and cosy and keep your neck well heated. I love the fit of this jumper and I also love the fact that it matches my eyes so well, it makes them look greener than normal and I like it. I feel good in this jumper and if clothing makes you feel good than that can only be a positive thing. It was also only £18 from TU at Sainsbury’s.

H&M have some fantastic knit wear available this year. All for bargain prices too. After dragging Oliver around the shops trying on different jumpers I finally settled on this Oatmeal coloured, cosy number. This is also a slightly new shade for me; it’s always nice to add something different to your wardrobe. It also only cost me £15, an absolute steal. It’s thick and chunky and keeps me extremely warm in this chilly, bitter winter weather.

I may have purchased some lovely, new knitwear this year but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love last years finds. And I’m referring to two festive favourites in particular.

Fatface always have a great sale and last Boxing Day, I picked up a blue and white beauty from the sale rail. I’m pretty sure I only paid £20 for it but I never fully appreciated it until this winter when I cannot get enough of it. It’s subtly festive without screaming, ‘I’m a Christmas jumper!’ and I’m really enjoying wearing it again this year.

And finally my trusty Hollister snowflake jumper which is most definitely, undeniably Christmassy – or at least wintery. It’s soft and comfy and fits really well. I just love grey. It goes with everything and will come in useful for many Christmases to come, I’m sure of it.

I really do love jumpers and knit wear and all things woollen and this really is the season to be decked out in the finest of baggy, chunky, snuggly knit wear. I can’t wait for Christmas jumper day! Whatever your style, I hope you’ve found a jumper that makes you as happy as mine do.


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