Blogmas Day 8: How to fill a stocking for a four year old for under £20

My Mum told me that this year I will not be getting a stocking. And I’ve had a stocking for the past 24 years, so this comes as a serious blow.

I’m a little bit gutted. But I guess, now that I’m getting married, I am too much of an adult to wake up to a bulging tartan sack at the end of my bed on Christmas morning.

But Christmas just won’t be the same.

Because as a child, my stocking was the most exciting part of Christmas. Aside, from Jesus being born and giving me eternal life, of course.

My parents (well, mainly my Mum. I’m pretty sure my Dad, like every other Dad, just said ‘Yes dear that’s lovely, she’ll love it!’ and then signed the card) always outdid themselves on the Christmas stocking front. Or Father Christmas did, or so they had me believe.

Our stockings were so amazing that we had to ditch the oversized socks and move onto pillow cases. And then one year my Mum made me and my Sister these gorgeous green and red tartan sacks to house all our unopened Christmas presents in which we’ve used ever since. They were always bulging with interesting and fun things like posh bubble bath, books, small toys, chocolate, CD’s, money, Theatre tickets, make-up, socks, all sorts really.

Opening our stockings was the highlight of the day; crawling into the end of our parents bed, early on the 25th of December and unwrapping like crazy, shouting out ‘THANK YOU FATHER CHRISTMAS!’ at the top of our excited lungs.

So fully embracing this memory, I’ve decided to at least attempt to re-create this magic for my little nieces. I’ve channelled all my lack-of-stocking-sadness into creating a collection of lovely little presents for them to open on Christmas morning. Little nik naks, big and small, lots of presents to open and play with all day.

I’ll start with Sophie’s stocking. Soph is four and she started school this year. She absolutely LOVES opening presents, in fact on her sisters first birthday, you would have thought it was actually Sophie’s birthday. Poppy was much more interested in a cardboard box that a toy came in whilst Sophie gleefully helped (aka single-handedly unwrapped) all of the presents.

She also loves small little toys like Shopkins, Palace Pets, My Little Pony and Sylvanian Families. She also goes mad for surprise eggs and anything hidden inside a cute little box. So I used all this knowledge to make her a stocking full of fun, things that she would love. All for under £20.

Well, just about. I got a little carried away and my mental maths is questionable.


So here’s the contents of Sophie’s stocking. The stocking itself came from my new favourite shop, Poundland. It’s a red and white, Christmas knitted pattern and is stretchy enough to hopefully squeeze all these goodies into. My plan is to embroider the girls names on the top of each stocking in white thread for a cute, personalised touch.

The Kinder Santa’s were also a bargain from Poundland; a bargain considering how much one Kinder egg costs.



Primark this year is full of great little stocking fillers. I opted for two pairs of cute, rabbit thermal socks for £2, a collection of three pretty shop kin-esque badges for £1.50 that I can just imagine pinned to Sophie’s khaki coat and a really sweet, little sequined butterfly top for £5 that changes colour in the light. (All pictured more closely below.)




Sophie managed to go to school the other day without getting upset at leaving my sister at the school gate and the reason for that was all because of a hot dog key ring hanging off of her book bag. I figured that a pastel, My Little Pony would make a great addition to her book bag in the new year. I managed to pick this one up from Wilkinson’s for £3.50.


Whilst we were on holiday in France, Sophie discovered the exciting world of Pez. She literally loved the idea of a beloved character dispensing sweets to her. So when I saw this My Little Pony Pez in Next for £2, it went straight in my basket without a second thought.


Children love cuddly toys and Sophie has an extremely vast collection, including some of my own which I’ve accumulated over the years and that she’s stolen from my room. But we all know that they’re expensive and I do resent playing the best part of a tenner for something cute and full of stuffing. So that’s where the trusty charity shop steps in. I got this glittery, pink, fluffy poodle (because Sophie also loves dogs) for a small £1 from my local Cancer Research shop.


She’s super cute and she’ll be going to a very good, loving home. I can just imagine Sophie falling in love with her on Christmas morning. Plus, she’s a Beanie Baby with her tag still on. Absolultey ideal.


I should have really stopped a few presents back but I couldn’t resist these tiny little fish rubbers that would perfect for Soph to have on hand when she’s doing her homework or drawing something. She also adores all things Finding Nemo/Dory so these are just right for her.

I also picked up an unopened Minions bracelet for 50p from Cancer Research and a diamond ring, lollipop thing from the till point of a toy shop where I purchased this Frozen wrist watch (because what little girl doesn’t love this modern Disney classic, especially at this time of year?) that tells the time and the date; just what every school girl needs.


And there you have it, a stocking fit for a very special four year old madam, all wrapped and ready for the 25th December! I can’t wait to see her little face when she opens all of these delights. Christmas spent with Children, really is magical.

Watch this space for a post on How to fill a stocking for a one year old for under £20.

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