Blogmas Day 3 and 4: A Weekend in Exeter


This weekend, I went to Exeter with some friends for a festive getaway. And it was delightful. I may not have opened any of my advent calendar chocolates until today (5 days late) as a result but it was totally worth the sacrifice, I can assure you.

The weekend consisted off lots of food – in fact it actually revolved around food. As well as shopping, laughter, coffee and friendship. And that suited me just fine. It was my kind of weekend.

I’d never been to Exeter before, so this weekend was the first time I’d ventured there. I wasn’t really sure what to expect to be honest – apart from Christmas markets, of course. The Christmas markets didn’t disappoint especially the cheese stalls with plenty of generous free samples and the cider company stall too.


We spent Friday evening (after we’d disembarked from the train) sitting on the floor of my friend Beth’s bedroom, sipping prosecco and laughing and working out Christmas Dingbats together (I totally just wrote Wombats just now). It was such a perfect evening and her student accommodation is somewhere I’d be very happy to live in at 25. It was amazing.

Saturday was spent mooching, with Nutella porridge for breakfast accompanied by ‘I’m a Celebrity’ catch up on the TV. Then we headed into town and explored the Christmas markets, taking in all the festive trinkets and free samples. I liked the latter the best.

Exeter is huge but small simultaneously. It probably has every shop you could possibly want and we spent a good part of our day popping in and out of a lot of them, perusing and laughing and purchasing. My poor debit card. But my happy heart.

Once we had shopped until we dropped we went in search of a much-needed caffeinated drink. We settled on a place called Kupp, which I would wholeheartedly recommended. The coffee was creamy and strong and came in these really cool glasses. It was so relaxing to sit back in a patchwork armchair and look at all our purchases and laugh some more.

Dinner on Saturday was the most delicious affair at a restaurant called On The Waterfront, down by the Quay. And oh my word was the food there divine! I opted for a crab and lobster burger with chips and slaw. It was super tasty, I could eat it again about three times. Although maybe on a plate next time, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole eating out of a basket thing.


Once we’d gobbled down our dinner, we went in search of cocktails but sadly everywhere was rammed with an array of Christmas parties so we headed back to Beth’s instead and spent the evening messing around on snapchat and looking at old embarrassing photos. I couldn’t have been happier.

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast at the amazing Brody’s. And it was a breakfast to write home about. Hence why I’m writing about in on here.

If ever you’re in Exeter then you simply must, must, must go to Brody’s for brunch. It’s an all day breakfast buffet place and for a small £9.28 you get as much cereal, toast, spreads, cooked breakfast stuff, tea or coffee and juice as you can possibly eat.


You sit at a bench with your friends and your very own Dualit toaster and up you go to fill your plate hundreds of time over. They literally have everything at Brody’s, I’ve never had a breakfast like it. They have every kind of spread you could ever think to smother onto bread, they have black pudding, hogs pudding, hash browns, fried bread, eggs, bacon, two types of sausages, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms; the list goes on.




Oh and they also do all you can eat pancakes for an extra £1. It’s so good, I only wish I’d eaten a few more plates to properly make the most of it.


After a lot of breakfast food, we mooched some more, this time until we stumbled across some carol singers and a whole host of interestingly decorated Christmas trees.



As the afternoon ticked on, we wandered down to the Quay again to explore the craft shops and find a coffee too. The Coffee Cellar was our drink spot of choice this time and we sat in the cosy, slightly edgy space and devoured some much-needed caffeinated beverages. I’ve had some really good coffee this weekend.



And then sadly it was time to think about catching the train home. But not before sharing some churros from the Christmas Market. But I wasn’t able to snap a picture of them because we ate them so quickly.

All in all, it was such a gorgeous weekend. I loved every minute of it and I’ve come home feeling the most festive that I’ve felt all year. And what a great feeling that is!

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