Blogmas Day 1: A festive trip to the garden centre


If you want to get in the festive frame of mind, without venturing too far or spending far too much, then head to your local Garden centre.

Go on, get yourself into the car, or wrap up warm and set off on foot. Whatever your preferred mode of transport, your local Garden centres is never too far away.

I’ve been to about three so far this winter and I’ve been so impressed with their array of decorations, festive food, Santa’s Grottos and of course, the Christmas tree selection.

I really want to buy a Christmas tree this year, I want a real life Tannenbaum to decorate. I really do, but money is not of the essence at the moment, what with the wedding and all. So Oli and I have decided to wait until next year. So I’ll just have to appreciate my parents tree instead.

But this tree deprivation, didn’t stop me from looking longingly at all the pretty ornaments that are on offer. I enjoyed it immensely as did my bank balance considering the fact that I didn’t actually purchase any.

The larger garden centres out there, have not only a Santa’s Grotto for customers to enjoy but a nice cafe too. To put you in the ultimate Christmassy mood, stop for a rich hot chocolate with all the trimmings and a slice of something sweet and sticky.

The Garden Centre I visited has a bunch real life Reindeers who come to visit (before they have to fly Santa’s sleigh, of course) and children can pet them and stroke their antlers until their hearts content. I thoroughly recommend this experience, although if you have a small child in a pushchair then do make sure that the Reindeer’s don’t attempt to lick or bite their little face.


The staff clearly spend a lot of time putting the Christmas displays together and there really is something to everyone’s taste. Whether you prefer things plain and simple or more extravagant and vibrant, there’s something for you. Garden Centres are also a great place to pick up a few nice gifts for people and it’s stocking filler central too.

So if you’re at a loose end on a Sunday afternoon or midweek morning, or whenever really, pop along to your local garden centre and whittle away an hour or two, soaking in all things Christmassy (and glittery).

Trust me, you’ll feel better for it. There’s also a surplus of fairylights – literally everywhere – and those little balls of light do wonders for morale.

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