Autumn days when the grass is jewelled…



I love Autumn and every year, when this season pulls up outside, I’m reminded of how incredibly beautiful it is.

All those fallen, auburn leaves and the frost on the grass in the morning. Scarves and hats and wellington boots. Fireworks and sparklers and cosy nights in watching The Apprentice and I’m a Celebrity. Breath, coming out in icy puffs and hanging in the air. Pine cones, pumpkins and squashes; nature is literally ablaze in Autumn. I love all the orangey, burnt looking hues around me. Because orange has to be my favourite of all the colours.


Although it may be chilly at this time of year, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be outside. And whether it’s outside swirling a lit sparkler watching little golden shards of light cut through the early onset darkness or stomping my way through wads of dry, crunchy leaves, there’s something so exhilarating and refreshing about being in that crisp air.


Last Sunday, Oli and I got up at the crack of dawn to drop his parents off at the airport and we got home at about 8am. So we went for a walk, around the most beautiful lake and we drank coffee and talked our way around the body of water. It felt so good, being out and about so early in the day – on such a beautiful day too – before the rest of the world was fully awake. It was like a secret, like we had the whole place to ourselves.

Come to think of it, we’ve been on quite a few foresty walks recently. Traipsing around in the great outdoors, making the most of our coats, in an effort to burn off a few calories so that we can drink at least one toffee nut latte a week – with all the whipped cream.



And this Autumn I’ve personally introduced Oliver to the absolute delight that is the Starbucks red cup. And let me tell you, they are so much better than the plain and simple cups of last Christmas. This years cups are things of beauty. And Starbucks had a buy-one-christmas-drink-get-another-festive-beverage-free offer on, so it made this introduction all the sweeter…and cheaper.

I loved this years cups so much that I took them home, rinsed them out and put tea lights in them. I’m not sure how safe this is, considering the fact that they’re made out of paper and therefore highly flammable, but they certainly look pretty.



As well as drinking my body weight in festive coffees this Autumn, I’ve also been writing. And so far I’ve written a total of 31, 801 words. And when I haven’t been writing I’ve been preparing for and attending interviews to do my teacher training next September. So far I’ve had two out of three of my interviews and some crazy how both programmes have offered me a place on their salaried training programmes. It’s exciting, I’m actually going to be a real teacher.

Although, I now have the small matter of passing my Professional Skills Tests and deciding which place to accept. I’ve also still got one more interview left before I feel like I can make a decision. But life feels exciting. After a disappointing and unexpected time at work, things seem to be working out. Above and beyond what I ever imagined. God is good.


I’m excited for the rest of this season, for having a legitmate excuse to snuggle up underneath a blanket at all times and to have whipped cream on all my coffee’s. (We all need that winter layer of blubber). And knitwear, I’m obsessed with knitwear, I swear I am happiest when in a jumper…maybe I’ll even wear one to my own wedding.

I can’t wait for Christmas too, the ultimate culmination of all this Autumnal delight.

Keep warm folks, keep warm.


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