#engagementthrowback Paris: Part One

A few minutes after Oli proposed to me – the most wonderful moment of my entire life – he told me that we were off to Paris. As if that moment couldn’t get any better and more exciting, he was whisking me off for a romantic getaway in my most favourite place.

As cliché as it may sound, I LOVE Paris. I love the buildings, the monuments, the language, the croissants, the frites and moules marinere, the Seine, the Tour Eiffel, the Shakespeare and Company Bookshop, the many beautiful Jardins, I love it all.

Oli had arranged for us to catch a Megabus from London to Paris the next day, so we got up at the crack of dawn, excited and still buzzing from our very fresh engagement, to board the bus. Oli slept for most of the bumpy journey and I sat awake, unable to sleep for all the excitement running through my veins. Apart from nearly crashing into a residential building, we arrived safe and sound in Paris, the journey having taken the best part of eight hours.

 But it was beyond worth it, to be in my favourite city with my favourite person, hand in hand, betrothed and ready for some French cuisine.

Oli had booked us a lovely AirBnB Studio apartment in Montmarte. Every time I’ve visited Paris before (four times now) I’ve stayed just outside it and journeyed in for the day and night. I’d never stayed anywhere as central as Montmartre so this was a delightful surprise. We found the apartment with relative ease and unpacked a few items, showering and popping open a bottle of champagne before heading out in the rain for dinner.

 Despite the rain, our spirits were far from dampened. I felt like I was floating, on a layer of congratulations from our nearest and dearest whom we’d used our accommodation wifi to share our exciting news with. We found a restaurant and sat outside in the rain, sheltered by a traditionally Parisian looking awning and warmed by a toasty patio heater. Oli couldn’t quite understand my desire to sit out in the rain but there is something so alien to me about the prospect of eating inside when in Paris. Sitting outside on the pavement, people watching and soaking in the sights and smells of the pavement and the nicotine filled air is a necessity.

We ordered large glasses of red wine and a plate of snails to share – which was a first for me – and nibbled on wedges of baguette whilst we waited for our food to arrive. I actually quite enjoyed the Escargot, they had the same texture and taste of garlic mushrooms and I was so relieved to see that the snail antenna were not too visible so I could almost forget what I was eating.

 Steak and frites and a Croque Madame later, we meandered back to our home for the next few days and fell into bed, well and truly ready for slumber.

There’s something pretty exhausting about getting engaged. We both slept for both, Paris and London, that night; dreaming of the adventures that our time in Paris beheld.

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