To simple happinesses

Happiness eh? The most desired emotion. The most sort after state of mind. I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness recently and how, for me at least, it really is the simple things that make me the most happy and content.

Like having an evening in with Oli, watching The Great British Bake Off and An Extra Slice back to back; the lounge glowing in candlelight, my legs out stretched across his lap, our hands clutching glasses of our wedding wine, testing it before we serve it to our guests in just under seven months time. Sitting in our future home, warm and cosy, relaxed, the working week done and dusted, the outside world safely outside. I love evenings like this, where we’re pottering around in our PJ’s and dressing gowns, cooking good food and spending time in our own little bubble, as if it’s just the two of us and we’re truly safe and comfortable and at home, content in our territory, not wishing to be anywhere else. This is happiness for me, at its finest, at its simplest.


And then there was the anticipation of booking our honeymoon this Sunday, which brought me a huge amount of joy. Because the thought of two whole weeks in Mexico, all inclusive, as Mr and Mrs Deeks is pretty damn exciting. I’m not even on the plane yet but just the prospect of that potential flight to a sun drenched destination fills me with happiness. And the knowledge that we can tick, book honeymoon, off of our To Do List, also brings me a simple, but satisfying contentment. There is immense satisfaction in ticking things off a list. And it’s simple things like that, like feeling productive and efficient, like accidentally baking 24 banana muffins for the home group you run for the youth and finding than they loved them so much they ate them all with not a even one tiny crumb to spare; it’s these little things that make my heart sing. That make the every day, extra special and different and fun. Unique. It’s these simple occurrences and unexpected treats that bring me regular happiness.


And yes, big, life-changing events make me happy too – ecstatic in fact – like getting engaged, like planning a wedding, like moving out of my family home and embarking on a truly adult life. Of course they do. They fill me to overflowing with happiness. But the simple things, keep me smiling in-between the big, life-changing things, when the dust has settled and the excitement has sunk in a little. It’s the future Tom Odell concerts, it’s the excitement of seeing in the New Year with lifelong friends, it’s the newly established fact that Oli is now a coffee convert, it is simplicity that keep my happiness topped up and my contentment replenished.

So here’s to simple happinesses! I raise my cappuccino to thee.

What are your simple happinesses?

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