A summer night ‘out out’ and about

University seems like such a distant memory sometimes as if it never happened. Yet whenever I see my Uni housemates it’s like I’m immediately a student again, as if I’ve slipped back into my old student ways, giggling and laughing about the things we did in Canterbury, all those years ago.

I started this blog once I left University, as a way of focusing on the new life ahead of me, concentrating on my postgraduate existence. I love my life after University but I also have a nostalgic fondness for my Degree lifestyle and the friends I made there. And a few weekends ago we all met up again, to celebrate turning a year older and fractionally wiser.

London was the destination of choice and the celebrations started in the Southbank on a roof terrace overlooking our beautiful city, dappled in bright rays of sunshine, sipping icey, fruity cocktails.





I’d found a playsuit in my wardrobe from Primark last summer, still with the labels in on account of the fact that I’d never worn it. I’m not really sure why I haven’t worn it before but it seemed like the perfect attire for an afternoon to evening progression of being ‘out out’. It was baggy enough around the tummy to successfully hide any alcohol bloating and it didn’t cling to anything which is always ideal. I’m not bikini ready yet, let alone body con ready! I actually love the playful, slightly bohemian paisley print and it looked perfect with my tan, extremely high wedges.


We’d booked a night in Southwark Travelodge and after our cocktails, we headed there to reapply our make up, jous up our hair and attempt to drink at least two of the three bottles of Prosecco that we’d bought with us. Our pre-drinking game is still going strong, 4 years post University.

Getting ready with the girls is always something I enjoyed at University. In fact more often than not it was better than the actual night out. I think it’s something about anticipation and excitement, something about drinking alcohol that hasn’t cost you a small fortune, playing DJ, shuffling between your favourite tunes and noticing the united girly transformation from day time chic to-night out glamour. It’s the blossoming from normality and routine to feeling highly polished and shiny, special and glittery.


On a slight side note: It turns out that an Uber taxi stuck in Saturday night congestion in London is the perfect place to play Pokemon Go, literally a they were like bees to a honey pot. You can thank me later, when your pokedex is full to the brim.

The taxi dropped us off at Grace Bar in Piccadilly which turned out to be a great shout. I’ve never been to a bar/lounge/club that plays so much music that I consistently know. Literally every song the DJ played was one that I immediately recognised and knew all the words to. I love a good dance but there’s something a bit rubbish about being in a club and you don’t know any of the songs. Dancing to song after song that you know and love is far superior. Grace Bar has brilliant songs, complete with three different rooms full of different styles of music; retro, RnB and Pop. I-flippin’-deal! It would be a great Hen do location. Just a thought.

We alternated between all the rooms, belting it out to ‘You give love a bad name’, ‘One Dance’ and ‘Uptown Funk’ to name but a few. It was a great night spent with the girls who were my family for three years, who saw me at my best and worst, who I drank copious amounts of tea and shots with, who I watched TV with and cooked with and ate with and talked about dates with. I love them and after a hard term at school, dancing the night away with good friends, chucking back shots of apple sours knowing that I have a whole six weeks of letting my hair down ahead of me was a brilliant feeling.


At about 2am we ubered (is this a verb now?) our way back to our Travelodge room and wiped off our made up faces, pulled on our PJ’s, boiled the kettle and ate our body weight in cheese puffs. We chatted and messed around with the amazing app that is Boomerang and fell asleep at some early hour of the morning.

It’s quite amazing how a night on the town, can actually leave you feeling mentally refreshed and content. It felt so good to let my hair down, to laugh, to drink and be generally, exceptionally quite merry.

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