Lunch and Dinner at IKEA

As excited as I am about all things wedding related – and believe me, I’m very excited about all that – I’m much more excited about building a life with Oli, it’s just as important, if not more important, to plan our marriage, as well as this giant celebration that will take place next year.

I’m so eager for our future together and living in the same house, sharing it and making it into our home, well it’s one of the things that I’m most looking forward to.

I’ve always been very envious of other married couples that I know and friends that already live with their other halves because it’s something I’ve wanted so desperately for such a long time. I cannot wait to go to sleep and wake up next to Oli, to have dinner with him every night, to just do everyday life with him, however mundane and dull that may be sometimes.

And part of living together means building our home and putting our stamp on the place (ok, well mainly my, feminine stamp) and making it our own. So a trip to IKEA seemed like a highly appropriate activity.

We decided to go to IKEA on a Saturday which on reflection was a bit of a crazy idea on account of the fact that the World and his Wife seem to flock to IKEA as soon as the weekend rolls around. So it was busy. So busy in fact that parking the two cars we’d bought with us, took virtually forty five minutes and felt like Mission Impossible at times.

But eventually, we managed to find two parking spaces on the same level not too far apart from each other and we parked up and hopped out hungry and in desperate need of some Swedish meatballs and creamy gravy. Our first stop was the Restaurant, a very good place to start all IKEA trips. You can’t go to IKEA without having at least one meal there. The food is ridiculously cheap and makes me a very happy girl indeed. Mmmmm meatballs and refillable tea. Bliss.


After lunch, the day was spent exploring the showrooms and writing down all the things we wanted and needed for the house, keeping the free pencils safe and handy behind our eager ears. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE IKEA. And this particular trip had to be my absolute favourite because here I was, hand in hand with my fiancé, picking out reasonably priced furniture to put in the home that we will officially share as of April next year.

Picking up all the pieces we’d picked out from the Self-Serve area was one of my favourite parts of the day. There was something strangely satisfying about locating our items, ticking them off the list and trying hard to manoeuvre them into our three trolleys! Needless to say, packing the car was a bit like a game of tetris.


We got pretty much everything we wanted for the house (except for a sofa and that all important bed) for just over £400 which we were pretty impressed with, especially as we used some of the engagement money we were very fortunate to accumulate. We were also there for so long that we had both lunch and dinner there. I think we finally left the Southampton branch of IKEA at about half past eight in the evening. And then we spent the little evening we had left, assembling various items of flat pack furniture. I was pretty pleased with my assembly abilities, truth be told. That weekend I put a DVD rack, a plate rack, three coffee and corner tables together and I have the blisters to show for it. My A-Level in Design and Technology came in very useful indeed.

On Sunday evening – all assembly complete and purchases up and in use – Oli and I collapsed onto the sofa, admiring our handiwork and feeling extremely pleased with the way we’d spent our weekend. Our little nest, our cosy home is nearly ready, it’s the perfect setting for our next adventure; life together full time style.


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