Dear Weekend: Our engagement shoot, our anniversary, a Gatsby-esque party, prosecco in a hot tub and a day of sporting finals

This weekend was a great one, a long and busy, full-to-the-brim kind of one. The kind that feels like a summer bumper edition of a Girl Talk magazine, crammed full of fun and happiness.

It started off with an engagement shoot which my amazing friend (and bridesmaid <3) Sarah and her boyfriend did for us at the beautiful National Trust house, Hinton Ampner.

I want nothing more than to upload all the gorgeous photos that Sarah took, and put them on the old blog but I’m holding most of them back for a future blog post and more importantly, for our Save the Date invitation thingys, which we have yet to put together.

But here’s a little glimpse at a couple of my favourites!




There was something really lovely, about being photographed naturally by great friends. Oli and I felt so relaxed and in love, as cheesy as that sounds and when Sarah sent me through the photos, I couldn’t help but cry because we looked so like Us. We didn’t look uncomfortable or flat but tangibly happy, little snapshots of love and adoration immortalised in one click and a very careful edit. I haven’t been able to stop flicking through them since Sarah sent them through, they make me feel so excited for our special day in the not so distant future. April really isn’t that far away now!

After some pub refreshment, Oli and I hugged Sarah and Rob goodbye, thanking them profusely and clambered back into my car and headed home via Sainsbury’s to grab some supplies for a pretty amazing evening picnic. Once a year, a couple in the village that Oli lives in, open up their ginormous house to the village and host an evening picnic, soiree-type party. People rock up with full on gazebos and tables and chairs and sit in the garden nibbling their shared picnic food, sipping prosecco and gin fizzes and they spend the night dancing under the stars.

I’d never been before so I didn’t really know quite what to expect. As we walked in, my mouth begin to hang open, I was flabbergasted at the wealth before me.

In short the picnic was AMAZING. The house and gardens were huge, complete with tennis court, swimming pool and granny annex which was essentially a four bedroom house. I was in awe and inevitably ate too much, drank too much and danced around, inhibition free like a crazy fool, dressed in my interpretation of the Rio theme, demanding more songs once the band had wrapped up at 12 o’clock. (Goodness knows what I’m going to be like at my own wedding!) It was the perfect way to spend our anniversary, with friends, chatting, laughing and occasionally having a power nap (oh ok, face plant then) on the freshly trimmed grass. Once the party had finished, we all headed back to one of Oli’s friends houses and the nine of us somehow managed to squeeze into a four seater hot tub, where we bobbed about drinking Prosecco until approximately half past two. I felt like I was at Uni again.

Then on Sunday, apart from feeling rather sorry for ourselves on account of the very late night/early morning – depending on how you look at it – and the quantity of alcohol we’d consumed, we had our lovely friends Ben and Sophia round to watch the Wimbledon final. They arrived after church and we spent the day eating and commentating on the match unfolding before our eyes. I have to say that I’m not really a tennis fan, but I did rather enjoy the noises Andy Murray was making, spotting Benedict Cumberbatch in the audience and speculating about why there’s a golden pineapple atop the Wimbledon trophy. (I’m still none the wiser!)

Sitting there in my future lounge and laughing with my friends, was a lovely way to end the weekend. And eating my bodyweight in strawberries and cream was also extremely enjoyable.

I really do love the weekends, I live for them actually. They are the pineapple atop the Wimbledon trophy of my life.

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