Enjoying the little things


Wednesday is my favourite week day, with the exception of Friday. And that’s because my favourite person comes to see me after work. And we spend the afternoon and the evening together, laughing and being silly. Lately we’ve taken to going for runs together, training for a 10km that we are still to enter. I love having him there beside me, the thud of his trainer clad feet just ahead of mine, his kind voice encouraging me, telling me that I can do it.

But this week, we hung up our running shoes temporarily and hopped in my car, until we found ourselves at the park. It was the most beautiful of days, the sun was out in full force, and all the leaves on the trees and all the fragile petals of the spring flowers were highlighted by the rays of sunlight pouring down from the spread of thick, blue above us.


And running seemed too fast and too hurried an activity for such a rare and treasured sunny day like this one. A stroll or an amble seemed much more fitting. And so we walked hand in hand instead, our steps in sync, our mouths moving with the flow of conversation and the burst of smiles; the great orb in the sky warming our backs gently allthewhile.

We stopped for an ice-cream. With a flake and strawberry sauce. All thoughts of burning calories forgotten, as we licked and slurped away at our cones. The first Mr Whippy of the year, perhaps that’s when you truly know that summer is on the way?


After the stress of work, after a day of ushering 30 extremely excited children around Hampton Court Palace – hoping not to lose any of them and asking them repeatedly not to touch things – I could escape to the park with the one I love, to talk about life and eat ice-cream, in the early evening sun. With no coat on, I might hasten to add.


These may seem like the littlest of things, the smallest of occurrences but I love these simple little joys. I am oh so extremely thankful for these slices of delight in my days. They are my oasis in a busy world. They are what I live for.

I’m enjoying the little things because they feel pretty damn special.

Cheers Spring, stick around yeah?




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