Dear Weekend

Dear Weekend,

You did good this time around. I just wanted to say thank you, I suppose, for the little things, for the prospect of a saturday without anything written on it, or planned into it, for the opportunity of filling it up with things as I simply go along.

I’m thankful for a delicious lie in and for being able to read in bed with no urge or need to yank myself out from under my quilt. I’m thankful for breakfast at Bills and sitting opposite the man I love. I’m also eternally grateful for black pudding which I hear on the grape vine is actually now considered a superfood! Brilliant news.


I was perhaps a little dismayed when my Sports Direct splurge on a couple of sports bras and running clothes came to £115. I could have done without that. But at least now when I’m out running and someone sees me, I’ll look at least a teensy bit less like an amature in my Adidas gear.

We bought a rug this weekend, thank you for exciting steps towards buying things that will one day live in a home that we both pay for. Thank you for silliness too, that I have the best partner in tomfoolery.


I loved Saturday night’s run in which Oli and I got caught in freezing cold rain and hail stones. There were chunks of ice in my hair and I couldn’t catch my breath or move my limbs properly to get home because I was so shocked at how very cold it was. The BBQ ribs in the oven when we got back were just the ticket; we were so lucky to secure the last packet in Morrisons so thanks for the part you played in that. Man, I am grateful for weekend eating. Admittedly I shouldn’t have eaten two Mars bar icecreams but they are so ridiculously delicious that I could not resist.


Thank you for Sunday too, for coco pops for breakfast and for playing Cranium with the young people at church. I love a sunday nap and just when I thought I wouldn’t get one, you pulled it out the bag.

I was so glad that Oli and I were able to cook a belated Christmas dinner in his tiny oven for 12 young people. We did good and it tasted spectacular. Thank you for small, heartwarming, team successes. I’m grateful that I’m part of such a wonderful team.

Until next weekend.



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