It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…in my bedroom

It’s that time of year again, my favourite time of year in fact. Christmas is well and truly, undeniably here. And boy, am I glad. I absolutely love Christmas. Working in a school at this time of year is brilliant fun and the combination of Nativity rehearsals, Christmas dress up day, Christmas lunch, the infamous class party and Pantomime are guaranteed to get me in the festive mood.

As November wore on, the mess in my bedroom began to grow. And grow and grow and grow some more. It got so bad, so full of dumped clothes and used mugs that I could – ashamedly – barely see the floor. My one focus was on writing and my room became a little neglected as a consequence. But now, with NANOWRIMO finally done and dusted – yes, I completed it! I some-crazy-how, managed to write 50, 663 words in the 30 days of November, woooohooo! – and the encumbrance of trying to write a novel in a month no longer an issue,  I’ve been free to lap up all the joys of December.

The first joy was tackling the mess in my room that had been a month in the making because with a clean and tidy canvas, I could finally set about decking it out for Christmas.

I bought a handful of decorations from a selection of different shops including Sainsbury’s, Wilkinsons, a garden centre that I can’t seem to remember the name of, the Country Living Magazine’s Christmas Craft fair in Islington, and Ikea.

My absolute pride and joy is my wintery brushed cotton, grey bedding from Primark which only set me back £18 along with my super soft red throw – also from Primark – which only cost a tenner! The bedding is a delight to sleep in and it’s reversible so I can alternate between a chilly alpine skiing scene and some heavy snowfall.

I love fairy lights at any time of the year, but December is an excuse to have even more up than usual. I put last years Ikea snowflake lights in a large glass bowl this year, they give such a lovely warm glow.


My favourite decoration this year, has to be my ‘eat, drink and be merry’ hanging plaque. It was from one of the stalls at the Country Living craft fair and cost me £10. It’s elegant, festive and vintage looking and hangs beautifully against my cream wall.


I wanted some baubles and trinkets to hang about the place and I found some great things in Sainsbury’s and Wilkinsons. The Christmas pudding bauble was £4 from Sainsbury’s and the red brushed, metallic one was £1.50 from Wilko as was the ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ plaque. The blue and gold decoration was a free gift from Fossil. Believe me, it is gorgeous.


I wanted some garlandy (is that a word? If not, then it definitely should be!) things to hang around my room and drape over things. I bought one from the Country Living craft fair (a day out that I cannot recommend enough) complete with little pine cones and red and white christmas trees and my Mum gave me one with glittery red, wooden stars and bells on a couple of years ago. I hung these from my curtain rail.


My mum, a great lover of Christmas like me, bought me a lovely, battery powered light up wooden, weaved star from our local garden centre as a pre-Christmas treat. It had a setting for still light and also a twinkly, very gently flash of light, it looks lovely propped against my book shelves.


And there you have it, my festive space. When you’re in my room, you certainly know it’s Christmas time! I just wish it could be like this all year round.

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