Becoming an Auntie: Take Two

On Thursday 8th of October at 4.29am – weighing 9lbs 7oz – my beautiful second niece was born. Her name is Poppy Lola and she is a beauty. I’m not even a bit biased.


There’s something so funny about newborn babies, their skin is all baggy and loose as if they haven’t quite grown into it yet, creased like an unironed shirt. And their faces are all squished and chubby, their eyes tight shut with sleep, reluctant to open their eyes fully to the world just yet.

And Poppy is no different. She is super soft, her skin covered in fine little hairs that feel like the inside of bunnies ears. She is light as a feather, despite her healthy weight and I could barely feel her in my arms after being so used to carrying my three year old niece, Sophie, around. Her fingers are dainty and her legs floppy and her lips all pursed with the thought of feeding. Every now and again, small, squeaky, sweet sniffs emanated from her gorgeous nose as she got used to breathing in this strange air.

Sophie, the big sister, was excited and desperate to see Mummy and Daddy, as we drove to the hospital. As a family we’d talked about Poppy’s imminent arrival for months and Sophie was eager to meet her little sister, although perhaps not too thrilled at the prospect of sharing her mountain of toys. Sophie had always been insistent that Poppy would arrive on a thursday. She wasn’t sure which thursday exactly but she never wavered on the day she’d selected. How right she was!

IMG_6297[1]But when it came to meeting Poppy, Sophie was a little anxious and all she wanted to do was cuddle her mum. I guess seeing an actual baby in Mummy’s arms, after months of Poppy being in Mummy’s tummy made it all so much more real for her.

Once she’d finished cuddling my sister (Lucy), Sophie cheekily pulled back the sheets on the bed to look at Lucy’s tummy, to which she exclaimed, ‘You’re tummy’s still big Mummy!’ We all laughed but I’m not sure that’s what a Mum dreams of her daughter saying after a grueling pregnancy and labor. Out of the mouth of babes, eh?

Whilst I was cuddling Poppy (oh how I love baby cuddles) Sophie seemed to relax and eventually she crept over to the chair I was sat in, to have a closer look at her tiny little, oh-so-new sister. And before you knew it, Sophie was stroking and holding Poppy’s hand and whispering ‘Sooooo cute!’ and ‘Look Becca, I’m holding Poppy’s hand!’ It was adorable to see Sophie begin to fall in love with this little bundle of joy.

Sophie, has been a tad poorly recently and endured a nasty cold for the last week which has gone straight to her chest. My Dad, took it upon himself to teach Sophie about the importance of covering your mouth with your hand when you cough so as not to spread germs. He explained how important it was not to cough all over Poppy. Sophie from that point on has been covering her little mouth with her little hand whenever she coughs. Seeing this little act of thought towards her little sister was incredibly endearing.

Being an Auntie to two gorgeous girls makes me extremely proud. Watching Little Soph grow up from a eensy weensy baby to the bright little spark she is now has been nothing short of a privilege. I am so blessed to have another niece to read to and play with and witness her growing up into a beautiful young lady. Isn’t life wonderful?


I hope Sophie and Poppy get along like a house on fire and have as many amazing childhood memories as my sister and I have (pictured above). Here’s to never ending Barbie games, here’s to dressing up and being silly and wearing face paint. Here’s to adventures and imaginations and books a plenty. Here’s to escapades and holidays and silly, giggley laughter. Here’s to being sisters!


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