A stream of consciousness

BREAKING NEWS!! I have just spent the unhealthiest 60p on some extremely sugary sweets that my thighs could really have done without. Especially as I have a mere three weeks to be completely beach and bikini ready. Fuertaventura beckons, you see.

(Here comes the inevitable sugar headache. I can actually here my teeth rotting). And Man, am I ready for a break and for some much needed sun.

My current state of mind is tired. Exhausted in fact. And the more tired I am the more irrational and mad I become. So mad in fact, that I stayed up late last night making, not one, but two peanut butter and chocolate cheesecakes. All to celebrate the final of the Great British Bake Off. (I’ll be blogging about this calorific escapade this weekend).

Because those clever television people have yet to invent a TV which can hand out samples of the food that you’re watching being cooked;  mouths watering, eyes on stalks. So I’ve had to resort to making my own showstopper to devour tonight whilst saying goodbye to my favourite TV programme.

Tonight after persuading my niece to eat her fish fingers, I plan to crash out on the sofa, with Oli, a cup of piping hot tea and a large plate of the most indulgent of cheesecakes.

Call me crazy, but I might even pour myself a gin and tonic while I’m at it!

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