It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn.

I love Autumn. Always have, always will. Hands down, it is my very favourite of all the seasons.

photo (4)

I mainly enjoy this season because I am reunited with scarves, oversized, granddad jumpers and all things woollen. Wool is my very favourite of materials. *Provided it’s the soft, as opposed to itchy kind* I love layering up, hiding my lumps and bumps and donning my cosy chestnut Uggs (I really don’t care what they look like. Yes, they may resemble a beige elephants cankles, but that said, they are a ridiculous amount of comfortable!) ready to face a blustery day.

Here are a few more of the things that I adore about Autumn:

  • Bonfire night – preferably spent clutching a toffee apple gazing into the sky, open-mouthed as a colourful, array of pyrotechnics explode against the night.
  • The tangible closeness of Christmas.
  • Cold and crisp walks – preferably in a particularly leafy area. The leafier, the better.
  • Gulping down hot drinks at every available opportunity – with the exception of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s, because let’s face it, they’re gross.
  • Saying adios to salads, rice crackers and the urgency to be beach-ready. Autumn is all about comfort food and being sofa-ready, let’s be honest. Much less stressful.
  • Conkers, acorns, chestnuts roasting on an open fire and orange, auburn hues all over the joint.
  • Snuggling up on the sofa, with a hot chocolate and a chick flick for company. Forgetting the outside world for a bit, retreating.
  • The smell of the air. The cold caress of it on your cheeks.

On Tuesday, I’d had a particularly gruelling day at work, a day full of repetition and silly frustrations and a momentary afternoon of escape was called for. So I chucked on a chunky, grey cable knit jumper, grabbed my camera and took myself out to wander about in the beginnings of Autumn. I kicked my shoes through thick piles of brown, crinkly leaves and snapped shots of nature doing her wonderful thang. It was so soothing stooping down amongst the luminous green prickly shells of fallen chestnuts, admiring the copper sheen of the conkers scattered about on the ground and gazing at the intricate delicate nature of an acorn. Recently, I feel that I’ve become a bit disconnected from the place I’ve lived in for the past twenty years, desperately wanting a change. But after an hour of wandering around my neighbourhood – stopping every five seconds to admire it from behind my camera lens – I felt reconnected.

After a day of working in an inner city school, returning home to spend the afternoon dabbling about in beautiful woodland and countryside was the perfect tonic. Admittedly, I would have probably preferred a different kind of tonic (namely one mixed with a large quantity of gin) but in that moment I felt peaceful and restored.

So here’s to Autumn and all the cosyness that comes as part and parcel of this chilly season.















4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Autumn.

  1. I love your post on Autumn. It’s my favourite time of year. I love hot chocolate on the sofa watching tv, snuggling under a scarf. I love your photos especially of the cookers. Please take a look at my post about why I love Autumn, thanks.

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