Painting Wimbledon Red

Every now and again, you just need a night out. ‘Out Out’ to be precise. Getting dolled up, donning your favourite heels and selecting the perfect clutch bag, is a necessity sometimes. And letting your hair down whilst dancing like a buffoon with old friends is exactly what the Doctor ordered. Admittedly, you may feel decidedly rough when the morning rolls around but it’s worth it for the hilarity of the night before.

Last Saturday, it was my good friend Maria’s 25th birthday, so a night ‘out out’ was on the cards. It took me a while to decide what to wear and after trying my entire wardrobe on, I opted for an autumnal play suit, with long sleeves, paired with some chunky high heels. My hair had been cut and expertly blow dried that very afternoon at my local dressers which saved me the trouble of taming my locks. With a dab or two of makeup, I was ready to head to Wimbledon, the destination of the evening’s activities.

IMG_6005[1]The first stop upon arriving at Wimbledon was the restaurant Hot Pink; a Healthy Grill, offering a delicious selection of grilled food from fish to chicken, halloumi to burgers. I opted for the 7 Veg and Halloumi Stacker. For some reason I was expecting it to come in a burger bun but it didn’t. Initially disappointed by the lack of carbohydrates, the meal actually turned out to be extremely delicious and light. In fact I felt pretty virtuous eating it (although the side order of chips may have erased most of the virtue but I didn’t photograph them, so they never existed. That’s how it works, right?). The stacker was made up of roasted red and yellow peppers, avocado, red onions, courgettes (best vegetable out there, just saying), honey roasted carrots, topped off which a scrummy dollop of pesto, some sun blushed tomatoes and with generous slices of salty and squeaky halloumi sandwiched in amongst the colourful goodness. It was all cooked to perfection and was great for lining the ol’ stomach for a night of cocktails and tomfoolery, without leaving me feeling bloated.


Feasting complete, we took a short walk down to The Old Frizzle (I was convinced it was actually called The Old Frazzle, but alas it is not); conveniently only a stone’s throw from Hot Pink. The Old Frizzle is a pretty cool barwith exposed wooden floors and fairy lights tangled up the walls. Messy bookshelves sit above the seating areas and it’s a deceptively large venue. Maria had booked a large area at the back of the bar, right next to where the band were setting up to play live music, after the initial screening of Rugby had come to an end.

I took my chance to pop to the lavatory, which was a challenge in itself due to the playsuit situation but also because the male and female door signs were extremely confusing and it took me a good few checks before I could be confident about which one I should enter. I looked in the mirror and noticed a cheeky little bit of black chargrilled vegetable stuck in between my front teeth. How could I dance the night away with that little burnt crum cramping my smile? I tried pushing it out with my nail as I didn’t have any dental floss and there weren’t any toothpicks about. But alas, it would not budge. I rummaged around in my bag looking for something suitable to use for its removal when my hands landed on my Tangle Teaser hairbrush. Yes, I am a disgusting human being. At that moment Maria walked in, to see me essentially brushing my front teeth. Naturally she laughed. And then acknowledging my genuine struggle, she offered her services. So there she was brushing my front teeth in the middle of The Old Frizzle’s female toilets. But the fine spikes of my hairbrush couldn’t get a purchase on the black dot in between my teeth, so we had a quick brainstorm and came up with the idea of using a bus ticket which worked like a dream. Cheers Maria! That is true friendship, right there people!

When the scrums and egg-shaped balls had been packed away, the rocky tones of the band kicked in. The lead singer took it upon himself to personally serenade Maria, seeing as it was her birthday, although I’m not entirely sure how much she appreciated having his sweaty, middle-aged face so very close to hers. The music was loud, like burst-an-eardrum loud and pretty much put paid to any conversations previously occurring. And so there was only one thing for it, Maria and I took to the dance floor, (the rest of our group, intermittently joining us and then returning to our booth for a rest) where we stayed for the majority of the bands set, dancing our socks off with our most over the top and dramatic moves; swinging an abandoned microphone stand around and miming elaborately into it. At one point my friend Nick appeared with a tray of tequila’s. One minute we were dancing, the tray suddenly appearing, the next minute, the shot glasses had collapsed and Maria was lapping up the spillage from the lip of the tray. Four lemons wedges were trodden into the floor and I wondered and still do, whether it was my excitable elbow that wreaked this havoc. If it was me Nick, then I’m very sorry!IMG_6006[1]

Speaking of alcohol, the cocktails at The Old Frizzle were pretty tasty. I sampled a Snow Leopard Appletini and a Twisted Zombie, both slow sippers, in fact I actually had to ask for a lemonade top in the Twisted Zombie, as my eyes were watering from the strength of it. I do love drinking from a Martini glass, which is partly why I went for the Appletini; there’s something so glamorous, elegant, retro and classic about drinking from one and it makes me feel as if I’m at one of Gatsby’s parties. If only.

With the band finished and The Old Frizzle closing, we moved onto Po Na Na, a Moroccan style nightclub. The tunes blasting in there were absolutely top-notch (mind you, so they should be after paying an £8 entry fee and having to deal with grumpy bouncers with an undeniable hatred for trainers), I knew almost everyone song. It makes dancing so much better when you can sing along, fist pumping and churning out the lyrics. All in all it was a great laugh; a night full of spilt tequila, phenomenal shape cutting and lots and lots of laughter.

A very happy birthday to you Maria!

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