Things I’ve learnt from One Direction concerts

Later today, I’ll be off to the O2 to see One Direction. But I’m still none the wiser about what I should wear. Instead, unable to commit to a decision, I find myself asking the question, What does one actually wear to see One Direction?

Admittedly, this will be the third time that I’ve been to a One Direction concert. I can assure you that I was able to dress myself on both previous occasions. But now, well, what with Zayn gone, I’m unsure as to which garments to don. Despite the fact that my wardrobe is crammed full of a multi coloured assortment of attire, my decision is no easier.

Perhaps this uncertainty, this undeniable indecision is due to the fact that the young girls in attendance tonight, will most certainly look more glamorous and mature than little old me ever could. I don’t know where they get the funds, but these tweens are decked out in Michael Kors watches and edgy leather jackets, their makeup is absolutely flawless, their hair impeccably styled, their freshly manicured gel nails glinting under the glow of the strobe lights. In fact one of the many things I’ve learnt from going to a few One Direction concerts is that some fans come dressed as if they’re about to go on a date with Harry Styles. They are ready, they are prepared, they are doled up to such an extent that should 1D take a walk amongst the stalls, there is every possibility that they would become the next Mrs Tomlinson.


Then you get the other strand of girls, the young-for-their-age ones who appear to have purchased a sizeable share in the merchandising stall prior to finding their seat. In they come, their mouths agog – laden with rubber 1D wrist bands, 1D dog tags, 1D baseball caps, 1D T-shirts, 1D Hoodies, 1D masks, 1D lip balms, drinking out of a 1D cup whilst simultaneously unfolding a large 1D poster – in awe at the sheer capacity of fans before their eyes.

But both the glamorous fans and the shameless fans are vulnerable to episodes of feeling extremely overwhelmed by the magnitude and excitement of it all. And so, quite often, before One Direction have even had a chance to appear on stage, some the girls begin to wilt. Down, down, down they fall, knees buckling heads flopping, tongues lolling as they collapse on the floor. Then one by one, they are picked up, folded up, shoved into chairs and moved along with as little fuss as possible, by bulky men in high-vis luminous yellow vests, looks of disbelief and irritation plastered thickset on their faces. ‘Unbelievable’ they mutter. It is quite possibly one of the most astonishing things to watch. Girls, you collectively, need to calm down.

I’m the first to admit that Louis Tomlinson is extremely attractive, and I’m almost certain that he winked at me during the first concert I went to. We shared a very special moment indeed. No one can take that away from me. But are they worth fainting for?

But besides feeling inferior compared to some 15-year-old girls and observing the two main types of One Direction fan, I’ve learnt that 1D are actually pretty damn good at what they do. And their concerts, fainting aside, are pretty damn fun. I’m not sure what I’ll wear just yet (clothes, I promise) but it will be something in between the two fan extremes.

I’ll be posting about how the concert was at some point next week, so stay tuned if you fancy!

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