Throwback Thursday: Graduation – notes on feeling like a Harry Potter Extra

My Facebook news feed has been full of people graduating recently. Seeing snapshots of people in mortar boards and lengthy robes takes me straight back to my own graduation, on a blustery and bitterly cold day in November, back in 2012. It’s crazy to think that I graduated nearly three years ago and that I started this blog that long ago too, as a means of coping with moving back home after three years of independence. It turns out that life after University ain’t so bad after all. It may not have gone at all according to my plans, but life’s got a habit of doing that. It’s funny, because when it came to leaving Uni, when it came to peeling my posters of the wall and packing up my many belongings into various boxes, suitcases and bags, I thought that my life was over. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was just the beginning of things and as much as I initially mourned the loss of my University days, I now couldn’t be more glad not to be at Uni. I love my life now.

But I suppose every now and again, nostalgia creeps in and I remember the three years of hilarity, heartbreak and heavy drinking with a fond longing.

Graduating made me feel very much like an extra from Harry Potter. For one whole day I got to walk through Canterbury dressed like Snape and I loved it; tourists looked at me strangely and random people congratulated me left, right and centre. Being with all my course cronies, dressed up in our graduation gear, in Canterbury Cathedral is an experience I will never forget. My name being called out was the most terrifying yet exciting thing and I remember trying so hard not to trip over on my way up to the podium to shake some old guys hand and clasp my degree certificate with the other.

After clapping until my hands were sore, I headed outside with my friends to throw our mortar boards into the air and pose for pictures in the chilly November air. It was in that moment that it finally dawned on me, that I had a degree, I’d been to University, I’d secured a 2:1 BA Hons degree in English Literature. I had the paperwork to prove it and the memories too.

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