(Retrospective) Summertime Gladness Day Seventeen: Deers and Double Dates

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love The National Trust. And Knole Park is one of my very favourite National Trust places to visit. Mainly because there are deers a plenty there, scattered around the wide, open and very green grounds. I’ve taken so many people here, including Oli when we first started dating. It’s a place that never gets old for me and I never tire of seeing the auburn deers nibbling at the grass, looking all alert and cute when startled by the clicking of an iPhone camera.

This time around, Oli and I went to Knole’s House (as I like to call it) with our friends Melissa and Josh. We had such a delightful day chatting together, walking, laughing and admiring the majestic animals before us. Before meeting Oli, I always dreamed about how lovely going on double dates would be, walking along somewhere, the men hanging back to chat about the football, the girls up front together nattering about the men behind them. I loved the idea of sharing friends with my other half, entertaining together, interacting with other couples and building friendships with them. And now that this is finally happening, it really is quite special indeed.

Here are some pictures of a really wonderful, rich day out with a couple that really inspire me because they are so undeniably right for each other.

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