(Retrospective) Summertime Gladness Day Sixteen: A jaunt to Cambridge

One of my favourite things about working in a school is the long holidays that come with the job. As a Teaching Assistant I don’t have to take any work home with me other these holidays, neither do I have to come into School to set up shop for September. (Teachers, I salute you, for your continuous and often unappreciated hard work, you are all absolute legends!) Having six long weeks off, is quite frankly ideal. It may be more expensive to go away and there may be children literally everywhere when you go out, but six weeks off? Come on, it’s brilliant.

Anyway, to cut a long story shorter, one of the things I really enjoyed in the holidays, was day trips. One day I went to visit one of my best friends Abi (hi Abi, if you’re reading this!) in Cambridge, accompanied by one of my other best friends, Maria.

IMG_5074[1]Maria and I travelled up on the train in the morning. I really enjoy a good train ride somewhere semi-far away, with a couple of snacks, a hot coffee and a great tale to devour as your carriage whirrs along towards your destination. My travels companions of choice for this particular journey were Holes by Louis Sachar (an AMAZING read), Urban Fruit‘s dried Mango, (honestly, I’ve had far better dried mango before. I loved the packaging but wasn’t overly impressed with the tough, cardboard like and tasteless mango inside) my Oliver Bonas bus pass and ticket holder and a Hazelnut Latte from the wonderful Starbucks. IMG_5067[1]

The journey was pretty swift, although long enough to make a significant dent in Holes. First port of call in Cambridge was luncheon and we opted for the old favourite that is Bills. It was really lovely to spend time chatting and catching up with each other, whilst eating yummy food (even if my fish finger and crab sandwich appeared to have not a shred of crab in it). Cambridge in the sun is quite exquisite and the afternoon consisted of walking around the town, catching glimpses of elite looking University buildings, enjoying a few scoops of gelato and sitting by the water putting the world to rights, watching the punters glide by on the water.

This little jaunt to Cambridge felt like a mini holiday; it was such a joy. I returned home feeling relaxed and lighter than I’d set out. Sometimes buying a ticket to somewhere pretty and quaint and exploring and sharing it with great friends is just as restful as a whole week away.

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