Say it with flowers

Last Wednesday my boyfriend picked me up from work, as he does every Wednesday. Only this time as I stepped into the car, there was a big bunch of yellow and white flowers lying on the passenger seat. He described them as ‘Back to School’ flowers and as I held the bunch in my hands and looked at the face that has fast become my very favourite of all the faces I know, I felt incredibly blessed to have him in my life.


I’ve taken to moaning a lot recently. Perhaps it’s being back at work with the early starts that’s made me a little bitter and ungrateful. Or maybe it’s the absence of the sun and the persistent presence of the rain. But whatever it is, it always astounds me how easy it is to slip back into the habit of negativity; complaining and grumbling when really I have absolutely nothing to grumble about. These beautiful and unexpected flowers made me stop. And as I inhaled their floral scent and admired their simple beauty, I smiled at the love behind them. I am fortunate enough to have someone who loves me enough to surprise me with flowers. And that’s something to be extremely thankful for.


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