How to throw a Baby Shower on a shoestring!

My sister is expecting her second child any minute now. Literally, any minute. So to celebrate the ever approaching arrival of this new bundle of joy, I decided to throw her a baby shower. Admittedly it was a little later than is traditional, but it went down very well and I thought I’d share it with you.

I threw the baby shower last thursday evening from 8pm to 10pm. I thought that two hours would be just long enough to play a few games, eat a slice or two of cake and sit around ‘oooo-ing’ and ‘awww-ing’ at teensy tiny baby grows being unwrapped. My sister, being as pregnant as she is, gets tired pretty easily and a short and sweet shower seemed like the perfect option.

Baby themed games are a must at any shower. I searched high and low on google for potential ideas (somehow completely forgetting that I have access to Pinterest, call it temporary insanity!) whilst also trying hard to remember what games had featured at the baby showers I’ve attended over the years. Baby Bingo was first to spring to mind, along with Guess the Baby which involves asking your guests to bring a baby photo of themselves and everyone has to guess which baby matches each adult. Dummy Bobbing (which is basically like apple bobbing but with dummies) and the Baby Food Challenge (which involves tasting different baby foods to work out what flavour they are) were two other popular options.

With time of the essence, I opted for the Baby Food Challenge along with Guess the Baby. I thought two games would be ample, and whilst I loved the idea of Dummy Bobbing I wasn’t entirely sure that some of the guests would necessarily appreciate getting their make up all wet and smudged.

Guess the Baby cost not a single penny. I used an old blackboard as the board to stick the photos against and all the guests, bar one, remembered their baby photos. It was great fun guessing who everyone was and then revealing the correct answers. We were all pretty cute in our younger years.

The Baby Food Challenge cost £2.95 and I opted for six different flavoured baby foods, so approximately fifty pence per jar. I also bought a pack of twelve baby food spoons from Poundland which were the perfect utensil, making the challenge that little bit more authentic. The game produced lots of laughter and exclamations of ‘YUCK!’ and a renewed understanding of the blandness of baby food. Those poor babies, they have to wait so long to know the joy of salt and pepper!

The shower was at my house and there isn’t a lot of space to play with, especially with the amount of people that had been invited. We only have so many chairs. But after some furniture moving, to maximise the party area, we had a lot more room than I initially anticipated so thankfully everyone who came had a chair to sit on. To decorate the room, I went crazy in Poundland and bought packs of coloured dummies and balloons which I used to make bunting out of. I grabbed some cheap but pretty paper plates, napkins and plastic tumblers to save on the washing up. I also purchased some plump, fluffy pink and white marshmallows, and clotted cream fudge which I popped into a few ice cream sundae glasses to put out on the table. I spent the wednesday before the shower making cakes and baby feet shaped shortbread biscuits (although sadly, these came out of the oven looking more like lungs than cute little baby feet) which I iced on the thursday afternoon. I honestly don’t know how they do it on The Great British Bake Off, icing in a hurry was a stressful, not to mention, messy experience.


But everything paid off. The guests arrived on time, with nibbles, cakes, drinks, presents and baby photos in tow. The evening was a roaring success, the room low lit with candles everywhere and a table full of rich, sweet treats. With jugs of icey elderflower cordial on the go as well as hot cups of tea in my Mum’s best cups and saucers, everyone was well hydrated. The first 45 minutes or so were spent mingling and chatting, cooing and getting excited about an ickle wickle, brand new baby and then we let the games begin. After an interval for drink top ups and a cheeky nibble, we all turned our attention to my sister as she opened a really lovely array of presents.

The baby shower ended just after 10pm and my sister sat in the glow of the candles positively beaming, feeling loved, very special and excited for the little life that she is soon to meet.

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